• Newest ico-D Member | American University of Beirut The Department of Architecture and Design offers an open, multidisciplinary studio environment with an active focus on the topic of the emergent city.
  • News | ico-D announces launch of Professional Platform Work Groups
  • Endorsed | 2015 Australasian Graduate of the Year Awards (DIA) | Improving student programs by liaising between educational institutions and design industry
  • SPLASH! Place 43 candidates, 43 ideas, 43 opportunities in a context full of challenges | SABS DI tells ico-D about the 43 Challenge and making design ideas happen in South Africa

leading creatively

ico-D promotes design excellence, and upholds the importance of design as a key medium for progressive social change
Our vision, mission and core values are manifested through initiatives carried out in collaboration with our Members, who makeup an expert, multidisciplinary network of organizations, designers and stakeholders.

Design is everywhere

ico-D has members in over 65 countries, from Australia through Zimbabwe
Our Members create a unified voice for the global design community and drive high level dialogue about Design's leading role in society, culture and the economy.