• splash! stockholm | Founded in 1955, ico-D Member Svenska Tecknare (ST) organises Sweden’s professional illustrators and graphic designers and has some 1500 members throughout the country. In this story we learn about ST's work to develop a code of fair practice for designers in Sweden.
  • splash! stockholm | In English, Kolla! means “Look!” or “Check this out!” The target group for Kolla! the Swedish design award is aimed at connecting industry and business to designers and illustrators.
  • splash! stockholm | President of Svenska Tecknare Karin Ahlin joins Jenny Gustafsson ST Communications Officer to talk about Svensk Form's design program for children
  • splash! stockholm | What makes Swedish design so good? "Being a designer in Sweden is truly a privilege. It is a rare environment for producing good work." - Susanna Nygren Barrett, Creative Director of The Studio

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Our vision, mission and core values are manifested through initiatives carried out in collaboration with our Members, who makeup an expert, multidisciplinary network of organizations, designers and stakeholders.

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