• Exclusive Feature | BranD Magazine
    "The motion of hands is now able to control lights and images, manipulate data and compose virtual reality out of thin air. It is a leap of mankind, with just a small wave."
  • News | The inaugural ico-D Professional Platform Meeting took place on 25-26 October 2014 in NYC.
  • Feature | Sustainability | Designorate Blog
    "While IKEA’s business is growing, its leaders have taken responsibility for both people and planet and applied sustainability goals to its growth."

  • News | Cover Design Revealed for Journal of Communication Design

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ico-D promotes design excellence, and upholds the importance of design as a key medium for progressive social change
Our vision, mission and core values are manifested through initiatives carried out in collaboration with our Members, who makeup an expert, multidisciplinary network of organizations, designers and stakeholders.

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ico-D has members in over 65 countries, from Australia through Zimbabwe
Our Members create a unified voice for the global design community and drive high level dialogue about Design's leading role in society, culture and the economy.