World Design Survey Reports

The World Design Survey™ is a research project to establish and maintain an international framework measuring the contribution of the design economy and the level of strategic engagement by government in using design as a socio-economic and cultural developmental enabler.

The World Design Survey addresses four questions:
  • What are the structures/systems that define the design economy and what changes could lead to the recognition and promotion of design's contribution to the overall economy in the long term?
  • Who are the participants in the design economy, what are their numbers and what is needed by particular populations, such as professional design associations, design promotional agencies, design management consultancies and design educators to support their successful participation in the long term?
  • How can approaches to governance as well as particular programs, services and initiatives strategically contribute to the enduring growth of capacity within the design economy to foster and promote design's contributions in the long term?
  • How does design contribute to socio-cultural development?