The aim of the Icograda publication, Iridescent, was to become a ‘prism on design research’ so that it can ‘filter the luster and see what it is composed of’—Dutch writer and Iridescent’s first supervising editor Max Bruinsma.

Iridescent (Icograda Journal of Design Research Volume 1, 2009-2011), the second iteration of the Councils design research journal, Icographic, was about breaking boundaries and was coined the “prism on design research”. Considered a new a global take on the future of design, Iridescent was born out of the Council’s strategic aim to develop communication design education by merging the interdisciplinary facets of theory, practice and research. Initiated by Russell Kennedy (Icograda President 2009-2011), Edited by Omar Vulpinari (Icograda Vice President 2009-2011) and printed by Fabrica, this beautiful limited edition work includes papers by Elizabeth Tunstall, Lawrence Zeegan, Zhao Jian, and many more.

Read the feature The journey towards a design journal to follow the stages of evolution in design research undergone by the Council from the 1970s - present.