Design Education Manifesto

The Icograda Design Education Manifesto, a key legacy of Oullim, is a core document that defines the Council's position on design education. The Manifesto advocates that design education must be a learning-centred environment, enabling students to develop their potential in and beyond academic programs.

The Icograda Design Education Manifesto was developed in 2000 as collaboration by an international group of designers. Participants represented a geographically, politically, economically, culturally, and socially diverse cross section of the design education community. Prof. Ahn Sang-Soo (South Korea) led the project which was translated into seventeen languages and presented at the Icograda Millennium Congress Oullim 2000 Seoul.

2011 Manifesto Update
The 2009-2011 Icograda Executive Board resolved to mark the 10 anniversary with an update of the Manifesto. This update was intended to help steer design curriculum and equip faculty and students to handle current and future issues in design education. Its form and content addressed the participatory, social nature of academic exchange in today's online community, shaped by technological advances.
  • 10-year Anniversary Event
    Shandong University of Art and Design hosted a four-day event in Jinan (China), on 1-4 November 2010 to celebrate the 10 anniversary of the Manifesto. The event included workshops, exhibitions and a two-day conference exploring the 'Future of Design Education' with both educators and industry leaders.out key issues in design education around the world.

    Following the workshop, 23 members of the Council's network were invited to form the Manifesto steering committee, led by Co-chairs and Co-editors Icograda President Elect Omar Vulpinari and Audrey G. Bennett. Each member contributed a 1000-word essay on the future of design education. These essays formed the basis of the Manifesto update.

    • Gui Bonsiepe (Germany/Argentina/Brazi/United States)
    • Rodolfo Capeto (Brasil)
    • Halim Choueiry (Lebanon)
    • Katia Colucci (Italy)
    • Liz Danzico (United States)
    • Meredith Davis (United States)
    • Hugh Dubberly (United States)
    • Steven Heller (United States)
    • Jamer Hunt (United States)
    • Jacques Lange (South Africa)
    • Saki Mafundikwa (Zimbabwe)
    • Dave Malouf (United States)
    • Victor Margolin (United States)
    • Min Wang (China)
    • JP Odoch Pido (Kenya/Uganda)
    • Sharon Poggenpohl (United States/Hong Kong)
    • Maria Rogal (United States/Mexico)
    • David Sless (Australia)
    • Lita Talarico (United States)
    • Teal Triggs (United Kingdom)
    • Prof. Kirti Trivedi (India)
    • Dr. Dori Tunstall (Australia)
    • Prof. Dr. Sc. Fedja Vukic (Croatia)