World Design Day 2019: Women in design
For World Design Day 2019 we want to highlight women designers. Designers who create intelligent, inclusive, sensitive design, whether to make big differences or small ones. This year we propose activities and to honor women designers past and present on 27 April 2019.

World Design Day (WDD) is an opportunity to recognise the value of design and its capacity for change in the world — and to celebrate the birthday of ico-D. 

The theme for WDD2019 is Women in Design

The goal of World Design Day is to challenge designers to reflect deeply on the state of the profession. Design affects the well-being of people within their local environments and offers innovative solutions. Design is a vehicle to honour diversity, transcend borders, and improve quality of life. Marking the anniversary of the establishment of the International Council of Design on 27 April 1963, participants worldwide are invited to gather, innovate, and live out a moment of design by organising public events and initiatives on 27 April of each year.

Women designers are important contributors to the discourse on global change. All over the world women are designing for better health, justice, human rights—in homes and in cities and for the earth in general—actively widening the conversation about what it means to be a professional designer in this time. Women are working in teams, in communities and with governments to find ways to collaborate and have impact. Yet recognised designers remain predominantly men. Design history has tended to overlook the achievements of women.  For World Design Day 2019 we want to highlight women designers who create intelligent, inclusive, sensitive design, whether to make big differences or small ones. The Women in Design theme honors and shouts out to remarkable women designers past and present.

Here are some kickstart ideas:

01 Honouring Women Designers Past and Present 
On social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) post about your women design heroes. Share with us your historical tidbits, or inspiring stories, the work of women that have or are inspiring you. Post and tag us so that we can see and share your stories. Posts can include: images of work, personal stories, historical information, inspiring anecdotes, forgotten figures in design history and their contributions. 

Here’s how to submit:

— Twitter: tag @theicod #WDD2019
— Facebook: join the WDD Group and post your stories
— Instagram: tag @theicod #WDD2019

Please note that only posts that follow the WDD2019 Women in Design theme will be shared. 


02 For organisations: Activities to promote Women in Design
Create a conference of women design speakers, prepare an exhibition recognizing the work of women designers in your region, create a mentorship programme for young women designers, or plan another activity that shines a light on the important work of women designers or gives opportunities for women to obtain recognition in the field. 

03 Women designers: Submit your work
ico-D is a very proud partner of the Aiap Women in Design Award. A biennial international award in the space of communication design that was founded by the Italian Communication Design Association, Aiap. The fourth iteration of this Award will be launched in March 2019 and submissions accepted until May. One way to increase the profile of women designers is to recognize their work and this Award devotes itself entirely to promoting women designers and making a place for them in design history.


Please note that the use of the ico-D logo is not permitted without the approval of ico-D.
For more information contact Events Manager Elizabeth Carbonell at 


The WDD2019 visuals were designed by the multitalented Russian poster designer Peter Bankov. Working between Moscow and Prague, Bankov also works “between terrible design and beautiful, national and anti-national, West Slavic and East Slavic, European and Asian design.” Founder of Design Depot studio and editor of KAK magazine, Bankov has managed to produce over 800 posters, what he calls his “design opuses.”
Download your copy of the WDD2019: Women in Design poster here.

About World Design Day
A concept developed by Kim Paulsen (Icograda Vice President 1993-1995) to commemorate the founding of ico-D on 27 April 1963, the day has been celebrated since 1995 as World Graphics Day, as World Communication Design Day since 2012 and currently as World Design Day.