World Design Day 2018: Kids can too!
Expanding on the 2017 Theme “Start Young” the 2018 iteration of World Design Day will continue to focus on the younger generations. World Design Day, celebrated worldwide on 27 April, is an opportunity to recognise the value of design and its capacity for change in the world — and to celebrate the founding of the International Council of Design fifty-five years ago.

The 2018 theme is Kids can too! and will focus on the spaces where design intersects with the universe of children. There is a lot of hope for the next generations: that they will have the tools to navigate the complex world they will be left, that their optimism and innocence will drive them to make the world better. “Kids can too!’ expresses our expectation that they will live up to these hopes.

Help us celebrate and encourage this by participating in World Design Day 2018. Designing for kids, designing with kids and introducing design to kids!

Here are the three ways we suggest Members can participate in WDD 2018: Kids can too!:


01 For kids: Start Young workshop

Design is transformative and knowing that the kids of today will be the leaders of tomorrow, early awareness of design as a field of professional practice and of elemental design methodology, is key. Start Young is a hands-on workshop that pushes children to explore their creative potential freely and trust their capacity to solve problems and test their solutions. With Start Young, kids learn to recognise the design around them and the basics of design methodology.

The goal is to empower children to adopt innovative ways of thinking and enhance their creative confidence. Start Young was developed by We are Rap. a design studio in Montréal, in partnership with ico-D and is available for Members to download and replicate in their areas. The Start Young Toolkit includes detailed instructions on how to prepare in advance, brief the educators, and how to run the three-hour workshop from start to finish. This workshop was successfully tested in 2017 and was carried out for World Design Day 2017 in design institutions in Canada, Mexico, Italy, South Africa and South Korea.

Members of ico-D and official Partners can request  the Start Young Toolkit by contacting Event Manager Elizabeth Carbonell at .


02 For designers: Designing (ethically) for kids: Designing for children guide

The integration of children’s rights and ethics into the design process is the next frontier for designers who care about responsible design and designing better for children.

The Designing for children guide is an online document and comprehensive set of principles and methods created by designers, psychologists and educators who collaborated over 48h in 2018 in Helsinki to address the huge impact design has on kids. The guide aims to propel the creation a new set of design standards worldwide where children and teens in design processes and outcomes are subjects not objects. Using 10+ commandments for designing and hands-on methods for ethical process, the guide aims to help designers create “products and services that have ethics and children’s best interests at their core.”

Use this guide in your own work and for the celebration of WDD2010: Kids can too!

Read the Designing for children guide.


03 For organisations: Activities to promote design for kids

Whether you share the above tools with your members or create your own event promoting ethical design practice when designing for children or start an initiative locally to petition your government to introduce design in early childhood education, we encourage you to participate in World Design Day by trying to make a difference in your communities and share the results with us!



For more information contact Events Manager Elizabeth Carbonell at

The WDD 2018: Kids can too! logo was designed by Peter Bankov (Moscow).


About World Design Day

A concept developed by Kim Paulsen (Icograda Vice President 1993-1995) to commemorate the founding of ico-D on 27 April 1963, the day has been celebrated since 1995 as World Graphics Day, as World Communication Design Day since 2012 and currently as World Design Day.