Types of Endorsement
Endorsements may be granted to design award competitions, exhibitions and conferences. In applying for an ico-D endorsement, the organiser agrees to follow ico-D's policies and best practices.
  1. Design award competitions
    Design award competitions differ from competitions for contract work.
Award competitions are aimed at evaluating and recognising existing work. The purpose is to illustrate and define current benchmarks, and to highlight leading social, cultural and economic trends.
  2. Exhibitions
    Professional design exhibitions differ from award competitions. Award competitions aim to evaluate and recognise existing work through assignment of awards and prizes, whereas design exhibitions may or may not include award schemes.
  3. Conferences
    A conference can be a local, regional or international cultural and business event, offering professional development and networking opportunities for designers, entrepreneurs, faculty, researchers, design students, journalists, as well as anyone interested in the impact of design on our society, economy and culture.