Achievement Award

  • ico-D Achievement Award 2019 recipient Deborah Shackleton
  • ico-D Achievement Award 2019 recipient Bob Hambly
  • ico-D Achievement Award 2017: recipient Pierre Léonard (SDGQ) with ico-D President David Grossman

Created in 2001, the ico-D Achievement Award honours an outstanding career. The Award may be presented to an individual or a team in recognition of outstanding and consistent achievement in the practice, education or promotion of design.

Achievement Award winners must be nominated by ico-D Members. This year’s Achievement Award recipients include Bob Hambly, Creative Director at Hambly & Woolley Inc., nominated by Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD), Hélène Godin, Head of Creation at Factry, nominated by Société des designers graphiques du Québec (SDGQ), Hanno Ehses, GDC Fellow, nominated by Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) and Deborah Shackleton, Associate Professor of Design and Critical Studies at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, nominated by Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

*Previous to 2014 the Award was known as the Icograda Achievement Award

  • Past recipients

    See the past recipients of the Achievement Award

    2015-2017 | Louise St. Pierre (Emily Carr University of Art and Design) | Rod McDonald (Graphic Designers of Canada, GDC) | Pierre Léonard (Société des designers graphiques du Québec, SDGQ)

    2013-2015 | Kim Jongdeok (Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism for the Republic of Korea) | Done Ryun Chang (Hongik University, Seoul, Korea) | Cho Young Jae (Seoul National University) | Kwon Myung Kwan (Sangmyung Univerity of Visual Design, South Korea)

    2011-2013 | Jorge Frascara, Peter Bartl and Walter Jungkind (University of Alberta, Canada) | 
Robert L. Peters (FGDC, Canada) | 
Frederic Metz (SDGQ, Canada) | 
Walter Jungkind (FGDC, Canada)

    2009-2011 | Mimmo Cozzalino, Richard Henderson, Steven Huxley, Trevor Flett and Wayne Rankin (AGDA, Australia) | 
Lin Horng-Jer (KCA, Taiwan - Chinese Taipei)
 | Stony Cherng (TGDA, Taiwan - Chinese Taipei) | 
Tzung-Kuei Yang (GDA-Taiwan, Taiwan - Chinese Taipei)
 | Han-Pin Chen (TADA, Taiwan - Chinese Taipei) | 
Taddy Ho (TPDA, Taiwan - Chinese Taipei) | 
Tony Chang (TDC, Taiwan - Chinese Taipei)

    2007-2009 | Dr. Michael Bryce (DIA, Australia)
 | Ken Cato (AGDA, Australia) | 
Garry Emery (AGDA, Australia)
| Shigeo Fukuda (JAGDA, Japan) awarded posthumously | 
Mario Piazza (AIAP, Italy)
 | Kumnam Baik (KECD, Korea)
 | Young Hye Lee (KECD, Korea)

    2005-2007 | Sara Little Turnbull (AIGA, United States) | 
Roy Clucas (think, South Africa)
 | Farshid Mesghali (IGDS, Iran)

    2003-2005 | Yurdaer Altintas (GMK, Turkey)
 | Jaroslav Sura (AUG, Czech Republic)
 | Morteza Momayez (IGDS, Iran)

    2001-2003 | Prof. Alfred Proksch (DA, Austria) | 
Peter Simlinger (DA, Austria) | 
Josef Flejsar (AUG, Czech Republic) 
| Dunan Junek (BBA-UVU, Czech Republic) | 
Prof. Ziegler (Typo Design Club, Czech Republic) | 
Rotislav Vanek (DCCR, Czech Republic) | 
Jan Rajlich Sr. (DCCR, Czech Republic) | 
Ma Degang (SHGDA, China) | 
Yu Bingnan (CCII, China) | 
Qi Feng (NJGDA, China) | 
Donna Lung (CETRA, Chinese Taipei) | 
Yang Chuan-Sheng (GDA-Taiwan, Chinese Taipei) | Ben Wang (TGDA, Chinese Taipei) 
| Apex Pang-soong Lin (TPDA, Chinese Taipei) | 
Amand Domenech (ADG-FAD, Spain) awarded posthumously