Call for proposals for Member Forum (closed)

Do you have content you would like to share with your fellow Members? You are invited to submit your proposals via the online registration system in the link below.

Please keep in mind that Platform Meetings are not for presenting academic content if you have papers to present, please submit them to the call for proposals of the WDS Congress.


The Platforms are a unique opportunity for organisations to share challenges and successes. Professional Members we would like to hear from you about how you address the challenges of giving members value, supporting your local design community, obtaining support from your government and business communities. Educational Members, we would like to hear about how you keep current with training designers in a changing industry, how you prepare designers for practice, how you attract the best students and keep them motivated and what direction research is taking.


Member Forum proposals may include:

  1. Reports on special projects undertaken by Members that are of interest to the general membership
  2. Reports or proposals on programmes of special interest (Communicating Value of Design, Curriculum Development, Design Research, Anti-Spec Work efforts, Professional Practice Issues, etc.)
  3. Challenges facing Members (This could be in the form of a discussion paper/editorial article, or any other relevant form.)

Submit your proposal via the online form here.

The deadline to submit is 10 August 2017.