The Beijing schedule was designed to permit overlap between Professional, Promotional and Educational Members.

 Members are invited to participate in all the components of the three-day event 18–20 September 2018 and to submit proposals to present topics during the Member Forum (See section below for details) 


Download the latest Beijing Platform Meeting schedule here. Stay tuned for the release of the final 2018 Platform Meeting schedule.  




About the Platform Meeting Sessions

In the face of technological advancements of past decades, there is a need for clear delineation between professional designers and amateurs. Establishing standards for design professionals, educators, and leaders through certification programmes, is one way of creating rigorous, standardised criteria. The question is: how do we go about this so that competency and skills are assessed fairly on national and international levels? Presentations on accreditation by ico-D Members will address this issue in order to open up the issue in its global context.

Discussion Forums:
 The Discussion Forums are breakout sessions that will provide an opportunity for Members to connect with colleagues from around the world to talk freely about common challenges and to pool their collective resources. It’s a chance for Members to help each other and strengthen their own organisations through international collaboration!

Lifelong Learning: 
Lifelong Learning has ongoing relevance in a person’s life trajectory — it is the ‘glue’ that holds our complex identity of competences, credentials, and actions together and ensures a future of meaningful work. 

Regional Meeting (RM) Reporting: over the year, ico-D has meetings with Members in their regions. The discussions and outcomes are reported and Regional Meeting plans for 2019 announced.

National Design Policy (workshop): National design policies are an effective tool countries can use to develop a cohesive strategy. But what constitutes a design policy, and how can design associations advocate for a national design policy?

The NDP Workgroup is preparing a three-hour workshop on National Design Policy including introductory presentations by the workgroup participants, a round-robin style brainstorming session and a structured conclusion. 

Member Forum: This is the Member-driven part of the Platform Meeting. We ask you to participate actively in the Platform by presenting content from your region. Share with us your challenges, your successes and your stories. ico-D is an important network of organisations and this is the venue in which to exchange know-how and open doors to collaboration. Send us your proposals for presentations (details in next section).

: The ico-D Annual General Meeting will address governance issues such as the consideration of the income and expenditure account and the balance sheet, the reports of the Council and of the Auditors, and the appointment and the fixing of the remuneration of the Auditors.

Indigenous Design: The International Indigenous Design Charter is a best practice protocols document to assist designers when working on projects involving indigenous representation. It is intended that the Charter be used to help facilitate accurate and respectful representation of indigenous culture in design and associated media. 

Montréal Design Declaration: ico-D Past President David Grossman will report on developments since the adoption of the Montreal Design Declaration in Montreal in October 2017 and plans for the future Summit Meetings.

Start Young: Developed for World Design Day 2017, the Start Young Workshop is a half-day workshop for children between the ages of 10 and 11. The workshop has been given from Seoul to Cape Town, Argentina, Italy and Canada. It is a comprehensive pack with presentation scripts, briefings for educators and detailed explanations on how to prepare and give the workshop and is available for ico-D Members who would like to give it in their regions.