ico-D Excellence Award
Created in 1986, the ico-D Excellence Award honours a specific piece or a body of work and may be presented to an individual, a team, or an organisation in recognition of outstanding achievement.

The ico-D Excellence Award supports the promotion of design and the professional designer at the national and international level. ico-D Members having ico-D Member Events have the option of presenting an ico-D Excellence Award as a Member benefit.



In order to apply to give the Award, Member organisations or institutions will submit their requests to the Secretariat for review. The presence of an ico-D Board Member or representative at the event to oversee the process is a condition of giving an Award on behalf of the Council.

Winners will be given an Award trophy (made to the specifications provided by the Secretariat) and an ico-D Excellence Award seal, that can be used to promote the reception of the Award.

Request for ico-D Excellence Award
The Excellence Award may only be given by an ico-D Board Member or representative, therefore it is conditional that this individual be present to judge and give the Award. To request to give an ico-D Excellence Award, please contact secretariat@ico-d.org.

Criteria for the ico-D Excellence Award given to individuals or teams:

— is the body of work original?
It is very important that the work not be copied from existing work or taking credit for work done by someone else. Also is it truly innovative?

— is the work environmentally sustainable?
Does the design take in to consideration impact over a life-cycle? Does it improve on the environmental impact over other designs in the same category? Is it necessary (not “over-design)?

— is it the design socially accessible?
Does the solution work for all segments of the population it is intended for?  ie for those with visual impairments? for all genders? for all ages? does the design take into consideration different cognitive abilities?

— is the design culturally aware?
The design should not project hidden biases like class divide, sexist/ racist/ cultural stereotypes, repression of any type.

— is the work professional?
Does it follow good design principles? Is it ethical? Is it honest? Is it aesthetic? Self-explanatory? Well-presented and argued?


ico-D Excellence Awards presented to organisations will be reviewed in conjunction with the ico-D Member nominating on a case-per-case basis.


*Previous to 2014 the Award was known as the Icograda Excellence Award