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Madrid Designers' Association (DIMAD)

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Paseo de la Chopera, 14


Ms. Soledad Hernández de la Rosa

Manager Director

Ms. Concha Moreno

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Madrid Designers' Association () is a non-profit organisation which develops its activities within the Madrid Autonomous Region, even if many of those activities have an international scope. It was set up with the main purpose of becoming a strategic tool of reference for the promotion, projection and dissemination of design culture having society at large as its end target. is the bridge between businesspeople, public bodies, Design Training Centres and practitioners and it claims both the leading role Madrid is currently playing in Spanish design and the huge potential of the region as a centre of urban culture and economic activity. DIMAD is an association that conceives design as a meeting point between culture and the economy. Mostly made up of designers, it particularly seeks to bring together students and young designers and other practitioners and people linked to or interested in developing and enhancing design culture: architects, teachers, reporters, art directors, etc. DIMAD articulates around its Board of Directors: currently made up of twenty people, graphic and product designers, teachers and researchers. Its chairman is Manuel Estrada, its 5 honorary members Felix Beltrán Juan Gamboa and Pepe Cruz Novillo, and among its members are the most important designers in Madrid. DIMAD was founded in 2005 by 17 designers and currently has 374 members (227 professionals, 108 students, 11 volunteers and 28 friends), practitioners of the different branches of design (graphic, product, interior, fashion design), students at the various design schools and professional collaborators linked to the world of communication, teaching or design. Moreover, 12 training institutions and 10 companies related to design culture are collaborating members of DIMAD. Among the members of DIMAD are the most reputable, heavy-weight practitioners in Madrid. In May 2006, an Agreement was signed between Madrid City Council and DIMAD to set up the Central de Diseño at Matadero Madrid. Thanks to the decisive support from the Art Sector of Madrid City Council and its mayor, Mr Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, the wish cherished by the whole designer sector of Madrid has been realised. With the aim to raise financial resources more easily and to better adapt itself to the management of the Central de Diseño Matadero Madrid, DIMAD set up Madrid Design Foundation which acronym is also DIMAD, initially established with funds from the Association itself.
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