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Israel Community of Designers

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15 Maapily Moroco

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The Israel Community of Designers is a non-profit NGO representing Israel's professional designers. Currently, the organization includes sections representing designers in the fields of visual communications, industrial design, jewelry design and interactive media design. The objectives of the ICD are: to promote the understanding and value of design; promote understanding of the design process; promote excellence in design; improve the welfare of designers. The ICD is dedicated to bringing the message of professional design practicioners to the spheres of government, business, academia, media and the general public. The ICD also recognizes the need to create discussion within the professional design community to ensure its ability to define an agenda and upgrade itself. To achieve its objectives, the ICD: organizes exhibitions, lectures, catalogs and courses; represents the design community in public and government organs dealing with economic development, legislation affecting designers and SME promotion and representation. The ICD communicates through websites, facebook and an extensive email data base.
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