A Professional Member is a membership-based organisation having national status, the majority of whose members are individuals or groups of professional designers or who belong to other areas related to design and whose objective is to influence and raise standards of design.
  • To qualify for membership, a professional association must satisfy the following criteria:
    • have national status
    • admit professional designers, who comprise a majority of members
    • actively work to raise design standards and the conditions within which designers practice design
    • be in operation for a minimum of 24 months
    • be willing to actively engage in ico-D activities
    • complete an application form
    • pay an annual membership fee
  • A Professional member is entitled to take part in all ico-D programmes and projects and is invited to propose and host projects and events. Full participation in the Professional Platform and its related Working Groups is open to all Professional Members. A Professional Member is invited to attend the biennial ico-D General Assembly as a Delegate and has full voting rights in the governance of the Council. 


    Download the full list of member benefits and responsibilities.

ico-D’s membership fee structure is established by the Executive Board and ratified by the membership at the General Assembly.  Fees are reviewed on a biennial basis.

    Pricing Policy

    The ico-D membership pricing policy that determines the fees for each zone is based on per capita Gross National Income (GNI). The GNI figures are provided by the World Bank. This policy was adopted by the ico-D General Assembly in order to ensure equitable payment by members in different economic situations.

    Download the full pricing schedule and policies.