What can take root when local design initiatives put their heads together? The ico-D Special Meeting of Design Weeks, Cities and Museums works with all the informal ways that people talk to each other about the future of design, to create a formal setting where these groups can meet, share resources and work on joint projects. Meetings in Montréal (2017) and Beijing (2018) stimulated discussion around things like: How do we bridge the gap between design and industry? How do local initiatives gain foothold with their governments? How do you put a smaller city on the global design map?

This year in Graz, on 10-11 May 2019, Special Meeting representatives will discuss the following topics:

01 Being Heard
Connecting the design community to business, government, the public, and others.

02 Women in Design
Issues, implications, challenges and opportunities. How can experiences be shared and efforts aligned to generate impactful projects of mutual benefit?

03 Fundamental Questions
In the day-to-day of running a design organisation, it is easy to get lost in the practicalities: Increasing social media reach. Getting people in the door. Putting together a flawless event. But these are not the reason we exist. The impact we collectively want to make, the social shifts we want to spark — these are deeper discussions. What is our deeper Design Agenda? How can we collaborate to implement fundamental change?