beijing 2018

Following a successful pilot meeting in Montréal on 21 October 2017, the International Council of Design has partnered with Beijing Design Week (BJDW) to conduct a Special Meeting in Beijing on 21–22 September 2018.

The 2018 ico-D Special Meeting will be held at the Gehua New Century HotelThe meeting is open to entities promoting and supporting design in their regions including design events, design museums and design cities. 30–40 entities are expected to participate in the second meeting, the core of entities from Montréal, with an expanded group to join in Beijing. All participants will be invited to bring forward case studies from their regions, best practice examples that can be shared and replicated. The global design landscape is varied and vibrant, composed of organisations across a spectrum of formats, each with particular objectives and audiences. Many of these objectives are shared, and many programmes complement each other, while each entity has unique qualities and capacities.

The Meeting will be held to coincide with the opening of Beijing Design Week—one of the world’s largest design weeks. China's fast-growing economy and internal market is changing international trade and consumption, exerting very powerful influence on the international design community. The setting of the Special Meeting in Beijing offers a unique opportunity to better understand the consequences of these historic developments.

The 2017 iteration of Beijing Design Week included over 1000 components and attracted 8 million participants. In collaboration with Guest City, Copenhagen, the 2018 iteration theme is Design and High Quality Development. In addition to over a hundred exhibitions, conferences and events, two main exhibitions illuminate the theme: The Past 40 Years, and Tradition: Intangible Cultural Heritage Design. The events take place from 23 September to 7 October 2018 and will include ten activities: Design Night (opening ceremony), Themed Exhibition, Guest of the City, Classic Design Award, Beijing Design Forum, Design Fair, Innovation Design Services Conference, Design Trade Fair, Design Hop and Fashion Beijing.



Due to limited space, an official invitation from the ico-D President is required to attend the special Meeting. 
To request an invitation, please contact ico-D Special Meeting Coordinator Tara Farsky at