afrika 2019

We regret to announce that the ico-D Afrika Regional Meeting in Accra (Ghana) on 05-06 February 2019 will now be postponed until further notice. We deeply regret any inconvenience this might cause and hope that you will be able to join us at a future time and location. We will advise you of developments as they happen.

The objective of this meeting is to bring design entities (professional organisations, educational institutions and design promotion entities) from around Africa together to discuss a variety of topics including:


01 National Design Policy

02 Post-Colonial Design Education with emphasis on Culture, Innovation and Sustainability

03 Inter-African and International Exchange Opportunities

04 Design for Business (including individuals, companies, government and education)

05 Life Long Learning in Design (From pre-school to professional designers and beyond)

06 Local Forms of Innovation and Preserving Local Culture



With 7 out of 10 of world’s most rapidly growing economies on the continent, Africa is starting to generate a lot of interest. A growing middle class, high percentage of young people and leapfrogging technological developments in infrastructure have all lead to a very positive forecast for the region. An important driver in the continued economic growth is value-added activities —a move from commodity based economies exporting raw materials to increased processing and knowledge-based sectors like technology. Design, whether it be in branding, product design, architecture, urban planning, service design or UI/UX, can be a contributing factor and thus design organisations are starting to form and become increasingly connected. These entities face common challenges from communicating effectively with the business sector and other funding bodies, to developing education curricula for their regional job market, working in the context of rapidly developing economies with various levels of government support, to the challenges of smaller institutions to fund, collaborate and publish design-related research. This can be fostered within the ico-D framework. 


About ico-D Regional Meetings
The ico-D Regional Meetings are an important opportunity to engage with design community at the regional level. The objective of this meeting is to bring together design entities from a chosen region together to discuss a variety of common topics and challenges. 

Even as we recognise the effect of globalisation on all our Members, we understand that each region faces special problems requiring specific attention. In many regions, problems are shared by many neighboring designer communities, but organising collective action has been difficult. Again, ico-D is able to offer opportunities to foster common cause. In this term, we have re-initiated Regional Meeting formats.



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