Europe 2019

  • We are pleased to announce that the ico-D Regional Meeting Europe will take place on 20-21 June 2019 in Matosinhos (Porto), Portugal. The Regional Meeting will be hosted by the Porto Design Biennale organisation.

    Regional Meeting Europe 2019
    ico-D Regional Meetings (RMs) are a key part of the Council’s international programming. RMs provide an opportunity for ico-D Members to engage with the design community at the regional level on common topics and challenges – in an international context. Europe has long enjoyed the status of leader in the design industry. With many of the world’s most important national professional designer organisations, most-recognized design schools and the head offices of many international design companies, the rest of the world has often looked to Europe for setting standards, new technologies and for a large part of the recorded history of design. But the world is changing.

    Production has moved largely East and South, but not only production. The market for design consumption is becoming worldwide with increasing demand in South-East Asia, China, the Middle East and China. This market will grow explosively in the coming decades, directly impacting designers everywhere.

    Work itself has changed for designers. Practice is now increasingly global. With global sourcing, the capacity to co-create across time zones, and the mobility of the workforce and the consumer, the industry is evolving at a dizzying pace.

    Regional Meeting Topics
    With regional and global considerations in mind, ico-D will cover five topics specific to the European context. We hope these topics will broaden where you sit now on things, to inspire thought, reflection, and action for future:

    01 Public Design Policy: Regional, National and Local Considerations
    02 Metrics + Data: Conveying the Value of Design by Measuring It
    03 Sustainability: Capacity-Building for Designers
    04 Globalisation: Positioning Design to Face the Changing Global Economy
    05 Cooperation: Pooling Resources to Address Common Challenges

    Design organisations of a specific region know best how the nuances and challenges faced in an area interact. By sharing knowledge, tools and insight, regional Members meet and open new and surprising dialogues with local professional, educational and promotional design bodies, adding to the wider regional conversation to find solutions to pressing issues both locally and globally.

    The ico-D Regional Meetings are an important opportunity to engage with design community at the regional level. The objective of this meeting is to bring together design entities from Europe together to discuss a variety of common topics and challenges.

    This event page will be updated regularly with more details such as the opening of the registrations, the venue, the programming and more! 

    We look forward to welcoming you to Matosinhos!


    about ico-D regional meetings
    ico-D Regional Meetings are organized for current ico-D Members located in the same region as the Meeting is held.

    Entities that are not yet ico-D Members interested in attending as Observers may submit requests. A limited number of Observers will be allowed. 

    For more information on the Regional Meetings, visit:


    Please send any ico-D Event related inquiries to: 

  • The Regional Meeting be held in the Espaço Tanoaria room in the Real Vinicola / Casa da Arquitectura which is located in the city center of Matosinhos. 

    Casa da Arquitectura (CA) is a structure that combines the excellence of its facilities with a prestigious cultural and urban presence. 

    Espaço Tanoaria
    Real Vinicola / Casa da Arquitectura
    Av. Menéres 456
    4450-165 Matosinhos, Portugal

    Learn more about the Venue here: 

  • We encourage all those who will be applying for a Visa to do so as soon as possible, to avoid delays or complications.

    An official invitation letter to attend the ico-D Regional Meeting Europe may be requested via the online Registration form (opening soon) with information for each of your delegates or accompanying persons.

    Note that each person attending the ico-D Regional Meeting Europe is personally responsible for obtaining a visa.