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The AGM2018 will address governance issues such as the consideration of the income and expenditure account and the balance sheet, the reports of the Council and of the Auditors, and the appointment and the fixing of the remuneration of the Auditors. 

As a Member, you will receive the full AGM Report, including the Audit Committee Report, the ico-D Treasurer’s Report and the 2017 Financial Report to review for approval on or before 19 August 2018. As per the bylaw amendments of the 27GA, you will also be asked to ratify the Minutes of previous general meetings — in this case the 27GA Minutes and of the 2017EGM Minutes— you may download these via the side bar of this bulletin.

We hope that all ico-D Members in good standing will take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the governance of your organisation. The AGM and the Platforms are a chance to connect with your fellow Members, have your voice heard and share knowledge.

Download the Agenda here

For Members who cannot attend the AGM, we urge you to assign a proxy through the Proxy Registration site to ensure your vote is counted.