about ico-D Meetings

ico-D Meetings offer a variety of ways for Members and the design community to connect:

Platform Meetings (PM) gather ico-D Members at one place and time, every year, to explore common challenges and action for change. Regional Meetings (RM) provide an opportunity for ico-D Members located in the same region to engage with the design community at the regional level on common topics and challenges. Special Meetings (SM) foster collaboration and exchange between various promotion and valorisation entities (Design Weeks, Festivals, Museums, Cities, and more) to address overlapping challenges and objectives and to determine how the international design community can better collaborate to achieve mutual goals and tackle shared challenges.

General Meetings (GM) assemble Members on issues of governance and policy. The General Assembly (GA) and Annual General Meeting (AGM) happen on alternating years, while an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) can be called to address a specific or pressing issue.