Executive Board Nominations (closed)


Nominations to the 2019-2021 ico-D Executive Board are now open. Nominations may be made via the ico-D 28GA Registration form no later than 30 August 2019. We would like to remind you that, as a result of the Bylaw change that was voted in the 27GA, nominations from the floor are no longer accepted. Therefore no Board Nominations will be accepted after 30 August 2019.

Nominations are accepted from ico-D Professional, Educational and Promotional Member organisations in good standing. All nominees must be members or officers of ico-D Member entities. Upon receipt of nomination, nominees will be contacted by the ico-D Secretariat to confirm their willingness to stand for election and to verify understanding of Board obligations, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. 

Nominations are accepted for the following Board positions: 
— President Elect (President 2021–2023) 
— Secretary General 
— Treasurer 
— Vice President (up to 5 nominations) 



ico-D Board Nomination Process

01 Nominations are submitted by ico-D Member entities in good standing (by no later than 30 August 2019)


02 ico-D Secretariat will confirm the nominee's standing (nominee must be in good standing with their home organisation)


03 ico-D Secretariat will confirm the nominee's willingness to stand and provide further documentation (including Board Handbook, term calendar, legal responsibilities, ico-D Governing Policies, etc.)


04 the Nominee must submit a written confirmation of their willingness to stand for election and a statement of intent, which will be published in the 28GA Report and submitted to Members for their consideration


05 Nominees will be asked to present a statement at the 28GA to support their candidacy (30 November 2019).


06 the 2019-2021 Executive Board will be announced following elections at the 28 GA (30 November 2019).


NB: The first Executive Board Meeting of the 2019-2021 term will take place on 02 December 2019, in Vancouver Canada (directly following the ico-D GA and Platform Meeting).



Additional Documents: 
ico-D Board Code of Conduct 
ico-D Articles and Bylaws