11 June 2007
Taipei (Taiwan) - The China Productivity Center has announced "Humanitarian Concern" as the special theme for the third Taiwan International Poster Design Award 2007.
Taipei (Taiwan) - The China Productivity Center has announced "Humanitarian Concern" as the special theme for the third Taiwan International Poster Design Award 2007.

Organised by the China Productivity Center and jointly presented by The Graphic Design Association of Taiwan(GDA-Taiwan), Taiwan Graphic Design Association(TGDA), Taiwan Poster Design Association(TPDA) and the Kaohsiung Creators Association(KCA), the award scheme is endorsed by Icograda and supported by the Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA). The competition is open to designers from all regions and countries.

Design categories
In addition to the special theme "Humanitarian Concern", work may also be submitted in the Commercial and Promotional category. While there is no date restriction for work submitted in the special theme category, work submitted in the Commercial and Promotional category must have been created after 1 January 2005.

A. Grand Prize(1 person): USD $10,000
B. Icograda Excellence Award(1 person): USD $5,000
C. Jagda Excellence Award(1 person): USD $5,000
D. Special topic and open category(Two categories with three types):
- Gold medal(1 person each): USD $3,000
- Silver medal(1 person each): USD $2,000
- Bronze medal(1 person each): USD $1,000
E. Judges' special award(each judge may select one person): medal or certificate.

Awards are granted in accordance with the regulations of the host country; taxes shall be withheld in accordance with tax law: 20% for foreign winners, 15% for Taiwan residents.

Judging Panel
- Michel Bouvet(France)
- Don Ryun Chang(Korea)
- Chaz Maviyane-Davies(USA)
- Richard Henderson(Australia)
- Shigeo Fukuda(Japan)
- Jan Rajlich Jr. (Czech Republic)
- Maria Kurpik(Poland)
- Apex Lin,Pang-Soong(Taiwan)
- Liu Kai(Taiwan)
- Jeff, Che-Fu Liao(Taiwan)

Members of the judging panel are subject to change without prior notice. The panel's decisions are final and may not be overturned in a court of law. Selected entrants will be notified within one week from the day awards are announced.

The winner of the Grand Prize will be granted a solo design exhibition in Taiwan during the following year. All prize-winning work will be included in the special publication "Taiwan International Poster Design Award 2007" and displayed on the "Commercial Design Improvement Project" website and in publicity materials. Prize-winning works may also be displayed at exhibitions held under the project.

31 August 2007

Participants are reminded that the cut-off date is based on the date and time in Taiwan. Work received after the cut-off date will not be accepted. Please take international time differences into consideration when mailing work.

Entry form
Download the complete competition rules and entry form by clicking here

For further information please contact:

Ms Ling-ling Fan
T: +886-2- 2698-2989 #2 1303
F: +886-2- 2698-9335, 2698-9532