22 May 2007
Mumbai (India) - Design Degree Show (DDS) is the annual event, showcasing the design efforts at the Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at IIT Bombay.
Mumbai (India) - Design Degree Show (DDS) is the annual event, showcasing the design efforts at the Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at IIT Bombay. DDS is aimed at creating design awareness in society and simultaneously offers a platform for people to meet and interact, as a facilitator for new ideas to emerge and fruitful collaborations to materialize.

The following events are being organised as part of DDS 2007:

1. Exhibition of Student Projects
2. Student Project Presentations
3. Exhibition of Design Schools in India
4. IDC Animation/Film Screenings
5. Workshop on Design for High School Students
6. Workshop for Design Students
7. Evening Seminars on Design
8. Designers meet

This year the DDS exhibition, themed 'Poorna', is being held at Nehru Centre, Mumbai from 25-27 May 2007 and further at IDC, IIT Bombay from 29-31 May 2007. The exhibition will consist of exhibits displaying the design solutions of graduating students from the streams of Visual Communication and Product Design. Alongside the exhibition, the students shall be delivering short presentations on their work and will screen their project films and animations.

This year's exhibition features about 30 projects pertaining to diverse streams of design attempted by the graduating class. Some of the featured design projects are:

1. A knock down bar stool in bamboo, as a premium furniture product
for use in wine bars.
2. Interactive device for group of kids with similar interests that
incorporates the mass learning technique in creative, educative and
gaming aspects.
3. A digital camera for children designed by understanding the
expectations and interests of kids in the area of photography.
4. Recreation of a space, the ladies compartment in a local train, by
visualising the web of conversations that take place in it, or in other
words, a visual interaction with the particular space by engaging with
the narratives that take place there.
5. A two wheeler for police patrolling, which specifically addresses the
duty requirements of Mumbai traffic police and portrays the identity of
the department.
6. A photo exploration, as an attempt to understand the reasons behind
the strong beliefs of Tamil folks.
7. A safe, convenient and economical emergency patient transfer system
for use in a variety of scenarios.
8. Animation short on Load Shedding , depicting the phenomenon as a
monster that keeps frequenting the city of Kalyan.
9. Design of a new kind of musical instrument that allows both rhythm and
melody to be played simultaneously.
10.A documentary that provides a glimpse of certain unknown facts and stories
associated with the city of Pune.
11.An arcade game for teenage blind children that allows them to share
the playing space with the sighted on an equal footing.
12.An illustrated story book, portraying the state of farmers in the
famine-stricken region of Vidharba.

This year along with the exhibition and presentation of projects, a number of events are scheduled alongside which students, professionals and general public can be a part of:

Workshops and Seminars on Design: During the 29 - 31 May, Workshops for Design students and professionals shall be held at IDC, along with 'Evening Seminars' on the various issues of design. The workshops will take place from 14:00-16:30 while the talks shall be held from 17:30 - 10:00 pm.

Workshop on Design for High School Students: Workshops for high school students on different areas of design such as Auto Design, Animation, Game and Toy Design, Brand Identity Design and Music Video Design will be held from 9:30 onwards from 29-31 May 2007.

Designers meet: Another highlight at DDS 2007 is the Design Meet to be held at 20:30 on Thursday 31 May, which is a meeting point for all professional designers.

Industrial Design Centre IDC is amongst India's premiere and oldest design schools established way back in 1969. The education programme at IDC is a unique mix of pedagogic experimentation with pragmatic design approach and blends hard-core problem solving with design research.

For more information about DDS 2007, visit http://www.idc.iitb.ac.in/events/degree-show.htm 

For further information please contact:

Nikhil Karwall
Publicity Co-ordinator
T: 98192 29839, 2576 7801

About the IDC at IIT Bombay
The Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at IIT Bombay is a member of the Icograda Education Network. In February 2007, IDC hosted Design Local, Icograda Design Week in India.