28 March 2007
Guangzhou (China) - Guangzhou Design Week 2007 will be held from 29 November through 4 December 2007. This year s theme is "Design for the future".
Guangzhou (China) - Guangzhou Design Week 2007 will be held from 29 November through 4 December 2007. This year s theme is "Design for the future".

An annual international event established in 2006 to promote independent innovation and original design, Guangzhou Design Week is multidisciplinary in approach, covering the diversity of design fields: industrial design, branding and graphic design, urban design and architecture, interior design and fashion design. The week will include an international design expo, presentation of the "KAPOK PRIZE" - China Original Product Design Awards, design workshops, an international design forum and seminars, international awards and competitions.

As a regional central city in China, Guangzhou has great potential market in the design field. Guangzhou Design Week is a new platform to communicate modern design concepts and drive the development of the new innovation city. The event will showcase originality in industry, international standards, Chinese air, ethnic styles and Guangzhou flavor.

As the central city of the Pearl River Delta, one of regions with the most prosperous economy in China, Guangzhou ranks third in terms of overall economic strength throughout the country, and offers a large stage for rapid development of the design industry. Guangzhou Design Week will serve as a communication platform between designers and entrepreneurs, facilitating innovation awareness, accelerating the development of independent innovation with design as a force, introducing new talent and expanding design teams, inspiring designers enthusiasm and creativity. It will encourage and promote enterprises located in Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta to pay closer attention to design as well as facilitate the transformation of "Made in China" to "Created in China".

When visiting Guangzhou Design Week 2006, Zhu Xiaodan, Secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee pointed out that Guangzhou Design Week is a pioneering event in China, setting high standards, having extensive impact and deep meaning. It promotes independent innovation, develops original design industry and boosts international communication.

This sets the stage for Guangzhou Design Week 2007 to be even more successful on the basis of the great achievement of GZDW2006.

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