20 February 2007
Milan (Italy) - The 2007 edition of Eulda, the European Logo Design Annual, is now open for entries!
Milan (Italy) - The 2007 edition of Eulda, the European Logo Design Annual, is now open for entries!

Eulda rewards the finest logos designed for the European market, and promotes European creative excellence worldwide. It is the only award scheme in the world that is endorsed by over 50 national and international design associations such as Icograda, AIGA, BEDA, PDA, ADCE (see for the full list of endorsers).

European designers, agencies, studios and their clients are invited to enter. Any logo printed, published, broadcast or visible online between 1 January 2006 and 31 December 2006 is eligible.

The deadline for submitting entries is 18 May 2007.

Eulda '07 is built on the same unique formula that guaranteed the success of last year s inaugural edition. The entries to be published in the annual will again be selected by an innovative three-tier jury comprising 10 top designers, 10 marketing managers from major international clients and finally 10 members of the public, representing the ultimate target market of consumers.

- This year, we are very proud to announce that the "Designer" tier of the jury is provided by BEDA, the Bureau of European Design Associations. BEDA is the body that ensures permanent liaison between the various components of the European design community and between the design community and the authorities of the European Union.

- We are also delighted to announce that providing the 10 "Client" judges is Aquent, the global specialist in staffing solutions for the creative, marketing and communications sectors. Their involvement will help ensure further visibility for the annual beyond the design community.

- The "Public" component of the jury will again be provided by Consumers International, the worldwide federation of consumer organisations.

The results of this selection process will be published in the Eulda '07 annual, a hard-bound volume of exceptional quality printed by award-winning printer Fontegrafica. The 2007 annual will form the second chapter in a growing archive tracking the evolution of tastes, styles and trends in European visual communication.

Eulda '07 has been made possible also thanks to our technical sponsors (KIEN, GARDA CARTIERE and FONTSHOP) and to our media partners (DESIGN DUMP, DEXIGNER, FWA, IDENTITY, KAK, LINO, NETDIVER, NOVUM, TAXI and TYPO), greatly supporting and publicising Eulda around the world.

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