20 February 2007
Capetown (South Africa) - A unique matchmaking event is happening this week in Capetown, South Africa during Design Indaba.
Capetown (South Africa) - A unique matchmaking event is happening this week in Capetown, South Africa during Design Indaba. At the request of the EVD (the Agency for International Business and Cooperation of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs), the BNO (the Association of Dutch Designers) has organised a matchmaking event between South African and Dutch design agencies under the heading of Dutch Match .

Are commercial partnerships feasible between Dutch and South African designers or design agencies? The 'Dutch Match' matchmaking event initiated by BNO intends to demonstrate that that is indeed the case. The aim of this commercial mission is to develop potential partnerships between Dutch and South African design agencies. In addition, a project will be launched to boost the exchange of talented young designers from the two countries. The mission is partly the outcome of the 'Holland - South Africa Line in Design' market research that former BNO chairman Peter Kersten carried out in 2006. BNO is organising the project together with the SANEC (South African Netherlands Chamber of Commerce). The project is enthusiastically supported by the Dutch Premsela Foundation for promoting the development of Dutch design, the Dutch embassy in Pretoria and the Consulate General in Cape Town.

Why Dutch Match?
It is anticipated that there could be specific interest in Dutch expertise such as museum and exhibition design, complex signposting systems, retail, export product and packaging design, complex forms and other visual design. Whereas Design Management could be a point of interest for the South African design enterprises, outsourcing particular aspects of designprojects to South African Design agencies could be interesting for the Dutch. Design standards and quality of organisation are well developed in South Africa. South Africa also has a good ICT infrastructure and there are no problems due to time differences between the two countries. Dutch Match will give Dutch enterprises an opportunity to learn a lot from South Africa's experience with cultural diversity. But the event's greatest merit will be to encourage the participants to push back their frontiers by learning more about an entirely different design culture and drawing inspiration from it.

The following Dutch agencies have meanwhile registered for participation in the project: CMK, Principion, Opera Ontwerpers, VBAT, Joost Alferink, De Designpolitie, Van Gog ontwerpers, Proforma, MATTMO, Dietwee, Eden Design, Keja Donia, Koeweiden Postma, Dedato, Brandnew Design and Wit Design. In South Africa around twenty agencies have expressed an interest in the project.

Visit: www.dutchmatch.co.za

For further information please contact:

The Netherlands:
BNO, Association of Dutch Designers
Rita van Hattum
T: + 31 (0)20 6244748
E: rita@bno.nl

SANEC, South African-Netherlands Chamber of Commerce
Mark Agterdenbosch or Brenda Bakker
E: mark.agterdenbosch@sanec.nl
E: brenda.bakker@sanec.nl
T: + 31 (0)70 347 0781

South Africa:
'O Brien Hunter & Associates
Carol O'Brien
E: ca.obrien@telkomsa.net
Kagiso Mnisi
E: info@obrienhunter.co.za
T: +27 12 342 8380/1

SANEC, SANEC, South African-Netherlands Chamber of Commerce
Mar-Loes Mantoua
E: mar-loes@sanec.co.za
T: +27 (0)11 263 5800

BNO ambassador
Peter Kersten
E: pkersten@euronet.nl
T: + 27 72 4492455

About BNO and think
The BNO, and 'Dutch Match' partner, think, are professional Members of Icograda.