27 April 2002
The 'Friends of Icograda' website launched today - on World Graphics Day, 27 April 2002.
Brussels (Belgium) - The 'Friends of Icograda' website launched today - on World Graphics Day, 27 April 2002. Friends of Icograda was originally founded in 1991 as a worldwide network of those who share a common interest in graphic design and visual communication, and who support Icograda's aims. The Friends website introduces these special people to the international design community and provides opportunities for Friends to interact with other Friends.

Friends of Icograda support the role that graphic design plays worldwide, today and tomorrow. Friends come from diverse backgrounds, cultures and social structures. Friends improve relationships between people in emerging economies and those in established economies. Anyone who wishes to support Icograda and who agrees with Icograda's aims can become a Friend of Icograda on a contribution basis.      
Friends in good standing may use the designation 'Friend of Icograda.' They also appear on the Friends of Icograda website and enjoy special online privileges. All Friends who have made a financial contribution to Icograda since 1998 automatically qualify as Friends in good standing for the remainder of 2002. Friends who have already received a unique User Name and Password for the website can log in and start enjoying these privileges, including the creation of a personalized Portfolio using an online Profile Editor. Friends who have not yet received a User Name and Password can obtain this information by contacting the Friends Administrator via e-mail at     

For more information, contact:
W: http://www.friends.icograda.org