07 June 2002
Clive Gay (South Africa) will be replacing Ashley Booth at the Identity/Integrity conference.
Brussels (Belgium) - For Personal reasons, Ashley Booth will not be able to lecture in Brno at the Identity/Integrity conference. She will be replaced by Clive Gay (South Africa). Clive Gay has 30 years'  experience in the design industry with diplomas in Graphic and Product Design, Marketing Management and Computer Technology. Clive founded Trademark Design International in 1985, establishing offices in London and Johannesburg with satellite offices in Miami, Mexico City and Auckland. Clive s experience includes Corporate and Brand Design Development from conceptualisation, creation, strategic business planning, detailing to final roll-out and implementation of multi-national Corporate and Brand Identities through Graphic, Product and Environmental Design. Major projects have included work in the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Europe, Middle East, Hong Kong, Japan and throughout Africa.

Clive's innovation in the design industry has been acknowledged by 117 International Gold Awards. Works are published in 35 books and he is the only South African designer to have exhibited in the Guggenheim Museum in New York. In 1987 he represented South African Design in Nagaya Japan and in 1995 at the International World Logo Design Biennial in Ostend, Belgium.  
Realising the commercial and management needs to establish and apply Corporate and Brand Identities by faster and exacting standards, Clive created and patented the world s first, most advanced and most comprehensive only electronic Design and Application tool: D'nA'. Corporations the world over are now employing D'nA' to apply their Branding protocols and are saving millions of dollars in origination fees.   
Clive: "I believe it is my responsibility to approach each project, acknowledging the need to deliver innovative and commercial success, that will enhance and benefit the consumers perception of my Client s Products and Services. It is important to understand that to create the appropriate design, it will require a commitment to study the multitude of factors that influence consumer perceptions that will shape the final solution, you may then consider: Perception is what builds Brands   for Brands, perception is reality."  
Clive Gay's view is that a company's brand is its most valuable asset, and that the identity of the brand - its visual expression - demands the utmost care and consideration to ensure its integrity.   
Clive has developed and patented D'nA(r), the world's most advanced and comprehensive system for brand asset management. D'nA(r) manages the visual identity of brands in every manifestation, allowing creative freedom while ensuring the integrity and consistency of brands  core static elements.   
Clive's presentation will centre on a live demonstration of D'nA(r), showing how the integrity of an identity is easily achieved for a range of international brands.  

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