10 July 2002
Representatives from the worldwide design community declared that Icograda events in Brno last June were a big success.
Brussels (Belgium) - Representatives from the worldwide design community declared that Icograda events in Brno last June were a big success. To celebrate the 20th Brno Biennial, Icograda hosted several design events in Brno (Czech Republic), including an international conference, a Regional Meeting and various networking initiatives. Designers and visual communicators from around the world gathered in the Central European city to exchange professional experiences and cultural perspectives in graphic design.

'Identity/Integrity' Conference
On 18-19 June, 500 delegates from more than 40 countries participated in the Icograda 'Identity/Integrity' Conference. Andrew Lam-Po-Tang (Australia), conference lecturer and coordinator of the Icograda Regional Meeting stated: "It's fantastic as always to get together with an international group of designers. The combination of the programme and attendees created an exciting, enriching event that was both stimulating and fun." Steve Conlon (Ireland): "Points to ponder included designer ethics, cultural imperialism and the plight of the Czech graphic designers fighting for their survival in a difficult market place. It was a conference marked by diverse topics and excellent examples of how designers had achieved business and artistic success for their practice and their clients." 
Regional Meeting
On 17 June, representatives from more than 30 countries attended the Icograda Regional Meeting to discuss the issue of raising design awareness. "It was both fascinating and familiar to hear the design associations from around the world talk about the challenges of developing and sustaining their respective design communities," said Andrew Lam-Po-Tang. Steve Conlon stated that the meeting "provided stimulating discussions as to how problems could be overcome and how shared experiences could provide possible solutions." The next Icograda Regional Meeting will take place on 28 and 29 September in Taipei (Taiwan). 
Workshops and Seminars
From 20-24 June, more than 100 students from more than 20 countries enjoyed the Icograda Student Workshops led by Ahn Sang Soo (Korea), Wladyslaw Pluta (Poland), Jan Rajlich Jr. (Czech Republic), Rasmus Koch and Adrian Tackman (Denmark), Guy Schockaert (Belgium) and William Harald-Wong (Malaysia).  
Icograda 'Design Perspectives' Seminars ran concurrently with the Brno events. Lecturers offered participants unique views of the state of design in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and Poland. 
Networking Initiatives
On 20-21 June, 31 schools representing 21 countries and representatives from 26 countries celebrated the inauguration of the Icograda Education Network of Graphic Design Institutions. The network aims to promote design education by developing design programmes, organising seminars and conferences and sharing educational resources. A dedicated website will showcase the work of students from member schools and present the results of joint projects. The next Icograda Education Meetings will take place in Taipei, Taiwan (September 2002) and Barcelona, Spain (December 2002). 
The 23 media partners of the Icograda events also met in Brno to establish an international network of design media that will soon be announced. 

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