29 July 2002
The 2002 International Graphic Design Education Forum (IGDEF) has received Icograda's endorsement.
Beijing (China)  - The 2002 International Graphic Design Education Forum (IGDEF) has received Icograda's endorsement.* Organised by Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), the forum will bring together design educators, students and professionals from around the world to bridge the gaps between design education and professional practice. Participants will address the state of global design education, share work experiences and exchange ideas to better prepare students for the design industry. The event is part of CAFA's design festival and will be held 16-18 October 2002 in Beijing (China).

Each day of the forum will feature a different theme, presented by several distinguished speakers:
- Day 1  New Economy, Culture and Design: Bo Linnemann (Denmark), Fons Hickmann (Austria), Apex Lin (Taiwan)
- Day 2  Design Education and Design Practice: Melk Imboden (Germany), Thierry Sarfis (France)
- Day 3  Restructuring Design Curriculum: Tapio Vapaasalo (Finland), Zhang Li (USA), Frances Joseph (New Zealand)
Founded in 1918, the Central Academy of Fine Arts is a major university in China devoted to the arts. The Design School was established in 1995 and offers studies in architecture, environmental design, visual communication, product design, digital media, photography and art history. CAFA is one of over 400 universities offering graphic design courses in China. Collaboration between design schools and the design industry is crucial in providing designers with the skills to succeed both nationally and internationally.

For more information, contact:

Prof. Xiao Yong
Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
F: + 86 10 64 71 58 68

*Icograda endorsement is a guarantee that the design event complies with approved international guidelines.