13 December 2006
Brighton (United Kingdom) - Brighton (United Kingdom) - The 2006 BDI Valuation Survey shows a drop in turnover, fees and employee numbers but an increase in export income for the UK.
Brighton (United Kingdom) - The 2006 BDI Valuation Survey shows a drop in turnover, fees and employee numbers but an increase in export income for the UK. The survey uses a base of 4,500 commercial design firms. Over 1500 design firms, representing over a third of the sector participated in the 2005/6 survey. The release of the repot highlights that the 2005 to 2006 design year has arguably been an eventful one, particularly in political circles.

The Creative Industries sector Skills Council was launched in May 2005 and set up a concordant partnership with the Design Council. That partnership was represented by the Design Advisory Skills panel comprising a number of Directors from leading design firms across the UK.

A years work culminated in the launch of the Keep British Design Alive Campaign which met with a mixed reaction from the wider industry. Results of that quantitative research and consultation process will be launched towards the end of 2006.

In August 2005, British Design Initiative set up a new not for profit organisation British Design Innovation to whom it licensed its assets and brand. It opened up its membership to include other key parties operating in the innovation space with an aim to foster collaborative innovation and increase the remuneration terms for the strategic design consultancy sector.

In September 2005, BDI launched its Propositions into Profit programme to support its collaborative membership and provide the strategic design industry with Shared Risk Shared Reward opportunities to secure their longer term future.

In March 2006 the CSD launched Design Association and a new accreditation scheme.

The Cox Review was launched in April 2006 and picked up much media attention. Its recommendations to the Treasury included the Design Councils' Designing Demand programme be taken up by all of the nine English RDAs from 2007 to 2010.

In June 2006, BDI launched a regional portal in all 12 UK regions and appointed 30 regional board directors. It re-classified the commercial design sector and updated the industry design discipline glossary to more appropriately reflect new skill sets and business offers arising from strategic service design and proposition creation.

Designing Demand which aims to utilise strategic design skills to improve the competitiveness of the UK SME sector was adopted by SEEDA and Advantage West Midlands and launched in October 2006. BDI hope that the programme will stimulate an interest in design with an equal benefit to the design community throughout the regions.

In October 2006, BDI launched its Shared Risk Shared Reward Guide produced in partnership with leading creative industry lawyers Harbottle and Lewis LLP. The Guide is designed to assist and support design firms seeking to explore alternative remuneration models and earn appropriate income from the IP they generate.

In November 2006 BDI launch the Open Innovation Challenge model which seeks to fundamentally change the way in which strategic designers engage with industry.

In November 2006 BDI launch the sixth Valuation Survey which shows a drop in turnover, fees and employee numbers but an increase in export income.

BDI's predictions for 2007 the move towards alternative remuneration models will continue. A greater gap between the mainstream design offers and the strategic design firms particularly the service, product and proposition disciplines will occur. In light of the Stern Review, social and environmental issues and the role of designers will grow in importance and new opportunities will arise. A greater understanding of the value strategic designers bring to a business will bring demonstrable results and increase the fee income of these groups as well as their status within business. Principle designers will start to take equity in start-up companies and seats on the Boards of SMEs.

You can download the 2006 survey results here.

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