25 October 2006
Brussels (Belgium) - Design Flanders has asked the research agency Compagnie to put some figures on design in Flanders.
Brussels (Belgium) -

- Flanders disposes of 12 000 design businesses. These are businesses that are part of the core-design industries and see design as their main activity. The turnover of these 12 000 design-businesses adds up to almost 16 billion EUR.

- In Flanders, almost 11,000 jobs are purely design-jobs. 200,000 jobs are design related. In 2004-2005, about 500 students attended the last year of an education that prepares for a design profession directly.

- In Flanders, approximately 550 000 persons have a design related leisure activity.
In Flanders, ca. 800 000 persons attended a design related event, activity or fair during the last year.

Surprising numbers? Design Flanders thinks so too. Where do we get these numbers from? Design Flanders has given the assignment to the research agency Compagnie to put some figures on design in Flanders. This was done from different angles: the design business, the design related educations and professions, design and leisure time and design and Flemish popular media.
The following questions were asked:

1. Design businesses
How many businesses in Flanders are active in design? How large are these companies: revenues, profit, employment? How do these businesses fall into the different types of design? How many orders did these businesses receive during the past 12 months? Is there an evolution in comparison to 5 years ago? What are the distribution channels of these businesses?

2. Design profession
How many persons with de design related job are there in Flanders? What is the degree/education of these persons? Do they attend design related extra training courses? How many students graduated in design related disciplines (school year 2004-2005)?

3. Design as leisure activity
Which are the existing design related trainings, events and leisure time activities? What is the degree of participation in these events, activities and trainings?

4. Design and popular media
How much attention do popular media pay to design? What is the impact of this media attention?

The study gives an answer to all these questions. The summary of the study can by found on the Design Flanders website, The results of the study may be used, but they remain the property of Design Flanders, which must be communicated at all times.

The complete study is available for perusal at Design Flanders.

For further information please contact:

Bie Luyssaert
T: +32 2 227 49 02