25 October 2006
Copenhagen (Denmark) - Everybody can nominate!
Now it is time to nominate for INDEX: Award 2007.
Copenhagen (Denmark) - Everybody can nominate
Now it is time to nominate for INDEX: Award 2007. 500 000 EUR will be handed out to the five winners in five INDEX: categories: BODY, HOME, WORK, PLAY, and COMMUNITY in August 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Everybody can nominate. Designers, students, design institutions, business people, companies and any individual from every part of the globe. There are no fees or required qualifications, only that the nominated design should truly have improved or is holding the potential to improve lives of many people.

International jury
A handpicked international jury representing highly experienced members of the global design scene will guarantee the design value of the 100 top nominees that will be selected for the next round when the nomination for INDEX: AWARD ends 18 November 2006.

INDEX: Award is unique in the sense that INDEX: Award is aiming at Design to Improve Life and does not use the normal distinctions between different kind of designs but uses the categories BODY, HOME, WORK, PLAY, and COMMUNITY

INDEX: design focus
This focus differentiates the INDEX: Award from other design awards in a number of ways. Firstly, INDEX: does not categorise design according to traditional labels visual design, apparel, industrial design, etc. since these categories do not fully reflect the interdisciplinary approach employed with the most interesting modern design. INDEX: asks that nomination bodies to think horizontally across design categories and industries when selecting the best nominees for the five categories vital to human life: Body, Home, Work, Play and Community.

Next, INDEX: is concerned with both tangible and intangible design. Traditionally design has been perceived as styling and addressing function. INDEX: shares this view but more importantly views design as a problem-solving tool. Better solutions are not created just by producing newer and better products. They are also created through the design of better overall strategies, better total concepts and better services, which is why these forms of design are also eligible for nomination.

How to nominate
The INDEX: Award web site offers complete information on submitting nominations and an extensive guide to elements to be included in the submission:

Information to be included in the nomination
- How did this design improve life and for whom?
- Possible drawbacks of life improvement
- What is the decisive role of the designer/design team in the creation of the nominated design?
- How did the design aspect help provide coherence concerning form, function, resources, user friendliness etc
- Describe the process used to create the design
- Short description of design
- Very short describtion of the design to use in search and presentation.
- Functionality and use of design
- Status of realization
- Produced by Year of design
- Designed in country
- Used on continent
- Link to website of design and designer For further information please contact: