18 July 2006
Seattle (United States) - During Icograda Design Week in Seattle from 9-15 July 2006, more than 70 students had the opportunity to participate in the Student Workshops.
Seattle (United States) - During Icograda Design Week in Seattle from 9-15 July 2006, more than 70 students had the opportunity to participate in the Student Workshops that began the week. The workshops were chaired by Christopher Ozubko, Director of the School of Art at the University of Washington.

Under the leadership of an international group of design educators, the students workshopped five of the eight of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs):
- Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
- Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
- Promote gender equality and empower women
- Achieve universal primary education
- Ensure environmental sustainability

Julie Larsen, of the United Nations Programme on Youth, introduced the MDGs to the participants during the opening session on 9 July. From there, the students were divided into eight groups and spent the next four days developing individual posters addressing their group's MDG theme.

The results were presented by each workshop leader during the Over the Fence seminar on 13 July and displayed for conference attendees from 13-15 July. From the posters produced, Heather Anderson, of the University of Stout Wisconsin, was selected by an international jury as the winner of a two week trial internship at Fabrica, Benneton's Communications Research Centre. Runners up received software provided by Adobe.

The complete collection of posters is available online.

If you are interested in exhibiting the poster collection, please contact the Icograda Secretariat.

For further information please contact:

Brenda Sanderson
Icograda Director

About Icograda Design Week
Icograda Design Week in Seattle (9-15 July 2006) was an international forum for discussion about the role of design in the face of incredible change in the world. It addresed how designers can contribute to a healthy world economy while being mindful of the cultural, environmental and political impact of design. Icograda Design Week in Seattle was organised in partnership with the AIGA Center of Cross-Cultural Design.

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