22 May 2006
Montreal (Canada) - Icograda is pleased to endorse the GUANGZHOU DESIGN WEEK 2006.
Montreal (Canada) - Icograda is pleased to endorse the GUANGZHOU DESIGN WEEK 2006. With the theme 'Design for the Future,' this first-time event aims to encourage independent innovation and original design. Located in one of the top three economically strongest cities in China, the event hopes to provide a connection for businesses and designers.

A diverse range of design fields will be covered such as industrial design, branding, media and graphic design, urban planning, architecture design, interior design and fashion design. Seminar topics include 'The role of Design in regional economy structure,' 'Humanism and Hi-Tech,' 'Design Management,' 'Hospitality Design,' and 'Design is Energy.'

All those interested from around the world are invited to join in the events in Guangzhou on November 27-December 2, 2006.

There are three awards available: the 'COTTONTREE PRIZE' - China Original Product Design Award 2006, the IC@WARD - 2006 Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Award, and the 'Design For the Future' - International Poster Design Award.

The International Poster Design Award will be judged by Johan Adam Linneballe, Mervyn Kurlansky, Finn Nygaard, Nancy Skolos, and Wang Xu. This competition is free to all professionals and students, and must portray the theme 'Design for the Future.' Submissions will be judged on their uniqueness, creativity, and professionalism.

Prizes for the International Poster Design Award are as follows:
Golden Prize (two positions): RMB 5000 (approx. USD $620) for each
Silver Prize (five positions): RMB 2000 (approx. USD $250) for each
Bronze Prize (ten positions): RMB 1000 (approx. USD $120) for each

Highlights of the Event:
China Design Projects Platform: including a designers carnival, interactive communication platform for designers and entrepreneurs, an information centre, and a human resource centre.

City Tour of Guangzhou Design: a tour to 'Guangzhou Design Port,' 'Guangzhou Design & Innovation Center, and more.

The Awarding Evening & Gala Dinner: to disclose the winners of the 'Cottontree Prize', amongst others. The awards evening will take place on 27 November.

Designers Salon: filled with Jazz music, candle light, and cocktails. The salon will be provided for those who want to exchange design ideas with other designers and architects.

The X2010 is a creative camp that presents a future scenario for life in 2010. The event is looking for wordk from young innovative designers to "express soul in design and realize inspiration in products." Several submissions will be chosen for exhibition, ten participants will receive certificates, and one participant will be invited to join freely in the events during Guangzhou Design Week. For more information on the X2010, contact:
Ms. Melody Liu
T: +86 20 3887 1528
F: +86 20 3887 0947

For further information please contact:

W903, Int'l Commercial Center, 122 Tiyudong Rd.,
Guangzhou, 510620 China
T: +86 20 3887 1528
F: +86 20 3887 0947
W: http://www.gzdesignweek.com