19 April 2006
Sydney (Australia) - The Omnium Creative Network (OCN) is a free, non-profit, online global community of creative people.
Sydney (Australia) - The Omnium Creative Network (OCN) is a free, non-profit, online global community of creative people (students, professionals, educators, theorists, writers). Its aim is to encourage members from all over the world to collaborate in a variety of ways, to focus their attention on more socially aware and ethically responsive art and design projects.

Membership is made up of participants from a wide variety of countries worldwide; in particular countries less fortunate in terms of having easy access to creative interaction through conferences, publications and exhibitions. The OCN will incorporate;

- regular news announcements from the network convenors
- monthly creative projects for the benefit of worthy causes around the world
- lively discussions and debate though interactive Message Boards
- Essays, readings and interviews from special guests
- Galleries of works produced in collaboration by OCN members
- Live chat room appearances from art & design luminaries

Full OCN members (500) will have their own member profile and personal gallery areas where they can introduce themselves, exhibit their own creative work, and have the opportunity to fully interact with all the other members of the network. The OCN aims to become a rich research resource and information exchange, as well as a place for its members to get the chance to meet people normally out of reach due to their g or socio-economic situation.

As a creative network, the OCN is not intended to be a place where only technically adept members can exhibit their talent, but a sharing space where members of all levels of creative proficiency can help and advise each other on a whole range of issues and worthwhile projects.

Preliminary information and registration:

For further information please contact:

The Omnium Creative Network convenors:
Rick Bennett
Designer, Senior Lecturer
Founder, The Omnium Project

Andy Polaine
Interactive Designer, Senior Lecturer & Writer
Co-founder, Antirom

In 2005, the Icograda Education Network partnered with the Omnium Project to deliver Creative Waves, an award-winning online student workshop.