02 March 2006
Singapore (Singapore) - Temasek Design School is organizing a 3 days International Design Conference entitled Design Thinking & Innovation: Towards a Global/Asian Perspective, with Victor Margolin as the keynote speaker.
Singapore (Singapore) - Temasek Design School is organizing a 3 days International Design Conference entitled Design Thinking & Innovation: Towards a Global/Asian Perspective , with Victor Margolin as the keynote speaker. The conference runs from 29 -31 March 2006. Along with Victor Margolin are prominent speakers from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Italy, USA and Finland.

Victor Margolin is much known for his design books and reviews (Design Resource, Design Issues with Richard Buchanan, Looking Closer-Critical Writings on Graphic Design with Michael Bierut et. al., The Future of Futurism, The Idea of Design, The Visual Rhetoric of Propaganda, The Bionic Computer, Art is Work with Milton Glaser, Dialects in Design and many more). He is also the Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in the US.

Along with Victor are others, an illustrious list that includes Dr. Micheal Siu from Hong Kong Polytechnic University (area of expertise in Asian Design and Culture with articles in the Harvard Asia Pacific Review, Design Issues and the Journal of Popular Culture), Dr Leong Chan from University of NSW, Australia (area of expertise: Graphics and Contemporary Society and written books such as; Images in Art and Design and The Iconography of Belonging), Mr Young-ill Kim, Vice President of Hyundai, South Korea, Dr. Milton Tan, Director of Design Singapore, Michele Capuani, Director of Transportation Design, Domus Academy, Prof. Yrjo Somataa, Rector, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland and others.

This International Design conference is endorsed by the Japan Design Foundation, MICA and Design Singapore, IDSA USA . The conference is organized in collaboration with CUMULUS, the European Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media, a prominent design grouping for European design.

Asia and Asian designs are gaining a foothold in the international design arena. With the rise of India, China and Asia as a region, the implications to design from new emergence viewpoint of the enormity of mega-sized consumer markets and low cost production capabilities are something that all designers cannot and must not ignore. This conference has a focus on Asian Design Thinking but with a global perspective.

Diversity, or "cognitive variety," is essential to innovation. Design in today's terms must be at once global, yet regionally specific. A world view must include Asia. This conference will offer insights and design perspectives on how an awaking growing giant thinks and innovates.

The main theme for the conference is entitled: Design Thinking & Innovation: Towards an Asian Perspective . Within this main theme, there are sub-themes and are garnered from current pertinent issues that are obfuscating the design landscape. They will be issues that practitioners and academics will want to deliberate and confabulate on. The scope of knowledge and experiences that are emerging at present from the international design community, debating about these topics are a challenge for a symposium aspiring to offer an egression, not a series of positional parametric rhetoric on design issues, but a kind of cynosure to engage, postulate and clarify divergent views on design thinking and innovation, particularly from an Asian perspective. The activities that approximate design thinking and innovation creates this incubatory, fertile ground, where the past and present ambuscade the new in its efforts to be something else that will propagate a neoteric future for design.

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Icograda is pleased to endorse this event, organised by a member of the Icograda Education Network. The Icograda Eduction network currently includes 77 schools in 28 countries around the world.

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