01 March 2006
Milan (Italy) - Eulda, the European Logo Design Annual, is the new high-profile graphic design award scheme that will reward the finest logos designed in Europe1.
Milan (Italy) - Eulda, the European Logo Design Annual, is the new high-profile graphic design award scheme that will reward the finest logos designed in Europe1. Eulda aims to define excellence in European visual communication and to promote that excellence around the world.

European designers, agencies, design studios and their clients are invited to enter. For this first edition only, any logo printed, published, broadcast or live online up to 31 December 2005 is eligible. The deadline for submitting entries is 31 May 2006.

The entries to be published in the annual will be selected by a highly innovative three-tier jury, comprising ten top design professionals, ten marketing managers representing major international clients and finally ten ordinary people , representing the ultimate target market of consumers.

The designer, client and consumer tiers of the jury will be provided respectively by PDA (the Pan-European Brand Design Association), Richmond Events (organisers of The Marketing Forum and other strategic business forums around the world) and Consumers International (the worldwide federation of consumer organizations).
Thanks to this new filter approach a first in the history of design competitions - the judging procedure will reflect the real world process that turns an idea into a successful logo:
- designers decide which logos to propose to their clients,
- the clients decide which of these to present to the public,
- but in the end it s the public that determines which brands are successful.

The results of this selection process will be published in the 2006 Annual, a substantial hard-bound volume of exceptional quality. The Annual will be printed by award-winning printer Fontegrafica on Arjo Wiggins acclaimed papers and distributed worldwide, creating an archive that will track the evolution of tastes, styles and trends in European visual communication, year after year.

The overall winner of the competition will be rewarded with an attractive Best of Europe trophy, while the best entry from each country will receive a similar Best of Nation trophy. For these and every other entry selected by the judges, both the agency and the client will receive a listing in the Annual, a complimentary personalized certificate, a 50% discount on unlimited copies of the book and a discount on entry to Eulda 07.

Eulda 06 has been made possible thanks to its prestigious sponsors: ARJO WIGGINS, FONTEGRAFICA and KIEN, each a leader in its own field - paper, printing and multilingual communication respectively - as well as the various international design associations (Icograda, PDA, BEDA, ADCE) and the many national associations (listed on www.eulda.com) which have granted Eulda their valuable endorsement. Thanks also to the various media partners (NOVUM, TYPO, LINO, TYPEVENTS) helping to give Eulda visibility around the world.

For details of entry fees and how to enter please visit www.eulda.com or write to info@eulda.com. To receive updates on deadlines and other relevant information, please subscribe to the Eulda Mail Update service from the website.

For further information please contact:

William Crerar
T. +39 338 2260086

Any country within the geographical definition of Europe (including the UK, all Scandinavian countries, all EU countries, etc) is considered European for the purposes of Eulda. European citizenship is not a requirement for designers and a European HQ is not a requirement for clients. However, work carried out in a non-European country will not be accepted.