11 January 2006
Boston (United States) - The DMI 10th European International Conference on Design Management 'Meeting the Challenges of Design Leadership' will be held 29 > 31 March 2006 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Boston (United States) - The DMI 10th European International Conference on Design Management 'Meeting the Challenges of Design Leadership' will be held 29 > 31 March 2006 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Leading management visionaries and practitioners including Stefano Marzano, CEO & Chief Creative Director, Philips Design, Christoph Boninger, President of Design Affairs Europe, and Tim Selders, Director & Co-Founder, PARK Advanced Design Management, will examine how successful organisations are leading with design in today's changing business climate and will present frameworks for creating effective design leadership. "The conference is designed to explore the rapidly expanding role of design management today, as 'Design' is recognized more and more as an important business leadership competency', stated Thomas Lockwood, PhD, President of the DMI.

In the keynote presentation Stefano Marzano will discuss how Philips Design is redefining its definition of design and design leadership and how these changes are affecting its efforts to innovate not only in traditional markets but also in new developing markets as well. Raymond Turner FCSD, Principal, Raymond Turner Associates-Design Leadership Consultants, will explain how design leadership and design management must be viewed as commercial imperatives that create differentiation, sustain competitive advantage, and enable world-class performance that is sustainable in the future. Mr. Turner will examine current design leadership initiatives and discuss what is working and what is not.

This conference also includes presentations on utilising design leadership for business success from Rachel D. Cooper, PhD, Professor of Design Management, Adelphi Research Institute for Creative Arts and Sciences, University of Salford, UNITED KINGDOM; Paal Smith-Meyer, Creative Director, Concept & Design, LEGO, DENMARK; Mario Trimarchi, Principal, FRAGILE, ITALY; Dr. J rgen H usler, PhD, CEO, Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux AG, SWITZERLAND; Richard Henderson, Managing Partner, CBX Asia, AUSTRALIA; Pat Kinsley, Director, Neworld Associates, IRELAND; and Christine Hesse, Principal, Hesse Design, GmbH, GERMANY.

In addition to the featured presentations, this event will offer Leadership Forums and interactive discussion sessions moderated by experts from the British Design Council, Decathlon, NODE PARTNERS SA, Spanners Strategic Brand Development, and Strategy Coaching, among others.

This unique conference will provide excellent learning and networking opportunities for all attendees. Participants will walk away with the big picture as well as practical solutions they can apply to their organisations. For complete event information visit

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