29 November 2005
Boston (United States) - Adaptive Environments, a Boston-based international nonprofit organization, has just launched its new worldwide membership initiative.
Boston (United States) - Adaptive Environments, a Boston-based international nonprofit organization dedicated to gathering, researching and disseminating the latest knowledge, research and ideas on Human-Centered/Universal Design from around the world, has just launched its new worldwide membership initiative. This new comprehensive effort will create a global online network of the most innovative thinkers, designers, researchers and educators dedicated to Universal Design, available anywhere.

The leading international position Adaptive Environments holds in exploring innovative design solutions that "enhance the experience for people of all ages and abilities" will provide members unrivaled access to a network of information and thought leaders to help them integrate design that truly matters Human-Centered/Universal Design into everything they do.

"We're thrilled to offer this new membership opportunity to our colleagues and supporters from all over the world," says Valerie Fletcher, Executive Director of Adaptive Environments. "We intend to support a growing appetite for information and exchange of ideas via this initiative. Progress depends upon the fuel of inspiration, the excitement of envisioning design as key to social sustainability and the tools of information to build a rich base of knowledge and experience. As a leading nonprofit organization committed to Human-Centered/Universal Design for over 27 years, all of us at Adaptive Environments believe this step is timely and necessary to support a growing international community. The big idea is that design is at its most powerful when it facilitates human equality and experience. If that idea is to thrive, it needs a network of innovators. We believe that we can help support those innovators to find each other and provide the information necessary to drive a movement capable of transforming the way we think about the design of the places, things, communication, information and policy."

Membership in Adaptive Environments provides a unique platform for individuals as well as professional, academic, business and governmental leaders to exchange ideas, develop leading-edge products and to re-define how smart and responsive Human-Centered Design decisions can greatly enhance the quality of people's lives. Charter members already include the City of Boston, Harvard University, Boston Society of Architects (BSA), Jung Brannen Associates, Inc., TOTO Ltd. Japan, Patricia Moore - President, Moore Design Associates and JYP Design, France.

"As one of the world's most highly regarded and well known institutions, Harvard University always strives to be involved with issues of social equity. Becoming a charter member of Adaptive Environments provides a great opportunity for us to access the latest information and share best ideas about Universal Design with some of the best minds around. Clearly, what we can learn and share through our association with Adaptive Environments and its other members will have a direct impact in helping us plan for the future of our campus community," comments Marie Trottier, University Disability Coordinator, Section 504 Compliance Officer, Harvard University.

According to Stephen Spinetto, Commissioner on Disabilities for the City of Boston, "The City of Boston is proud to be the first American city to become a member of Adaptive Environments. Over the years, Adaptive Environments has led the way in Boston and around the world on issues of Universal Design in architecture and transportation. Membership in AE enables us who work for The City of Boston to remain on the forefront of knowledge and provides exciting new opportunities for us to network and share ideas with other cities across the globe."

Membership in Adaptive Environments provides unlimited access to the members-only information found on the AE website including UniversalDesignMatters - the monthly online member newsletter, job listings, internship opportunities, event postings and the online Human-Centered Design image database with the opportunity to submit new images for the collection. Membership also provides access to pertinent local, national and international statistical data resources. Other member benefits include discounts on publications, consultation services, conferences, seminars and workshops.

For more information or to become a member of Adaptive Environments, please visit, click on the link to the Membership section and follow the instructions for applying online or by FAX.

Adaptive Environments is a Boston-based international nonprofit organization dedicated to researching, gathering and promoting the most current ideas and information on Human-Centered/Universal Design from around the world. Starting with insight from "user/experts" and anticipating the range of individual differences, AE explores innovative design solutions that enhance the experiences of people of all ages and abilities. For over 27 years, AE s projects and initiatives have balanced expertise in formal requirements for accessibility with best practices in Human-Centered/Universal Design.

Adaptive Environments believes that design is powerful and profoundly influences our daily lives and our sense of confidence, comfort, and control; that design is a tool of social equity and matters more than ever in a world more diverse in age and ability than at any other time in history; that variation in human ability is ordinary, not special, and affects most of us for some part of our lives; and that Human-Centered Design is a way of thinking about places, things and communication and also about policies and practices that are responsive to human diversity and enhance everyone's experience.

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