24 October 2005
Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) - Last week, Icograda had the pleasure of welcoming a new member from Saudi Arabia into its Education Network.
Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) - Last week, Icograda had the pleasure of welcoming a new member from Saudi Arabia into its Education Network. The Dar Al-Hekma College, a private college that opened in 1999 in order to provide sophisticated higher education for young Saudi women, launched its Graphic Design Program in 2002.

The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design Program at Dar Al-Hekma College is to teach graphic presentation skills across a wide range of disciplines and professional contexts. Based around a balance of text-image relationships, the program covers the visual communication of ideas, within social and cultural contexts and theoretical issues. It provides a framework for individual development, which is geared towards professional practice in graphic communications. The programme of study includes practical projects in analysing and producing creative and well considered solutions based on integral areas of design; graphics, typography, publishing, illustration, multimedia, photography, and digital production. Aspects of image making, information design; visual narrative and semiotics are explored in the context of theory and practice, with relevance to and respect for the value orientation of the society and culture of Saudi Arabia.

IEN Membership is open to all educational institutions offering graphic design and visual communication study programmes of minimum 2 years' duration. In addition to providing networking opportunities, the IEN offers online communication tools to promote the research, curricula, events and initiatives of member schools. Universities, colleges and institutes around the world are invited to join this growing network and advance the state of graphic design education worldwide.

Membership benefits include:
- Status as Subscriber Member of Icograda, which includes access to all Icograda activities and activities organised by IEN Member Schools;
- One free Icograda endorsement per year for a design event organised by the IEN Member (a USD $1,000 value);
- Automatic subscription to Icograda publications, including eNews, a weekly e-newsletter distributed to graphic designers worldwide and EduNews, a monthly e-newsletter dedicated to graphic design education
- Ability to promote research abstracts, publications, events, job openings, and educational programmes in EduNews.
- Space on the IEN website to present the Member School and its curriculum.
- 'Members only' access to the IEN website
- Discounts to selected design magazines, as posted in the IEN website Library
- Ability to publish news releases of interest to design educators on the 'News' page of the IEN website
- Ability to publish articles of interest to design practitioners on the 'Feature' page of the Icograda website
- Access to the IEN listserv, which connects IEN participants via e-mail.

The IEN relies on the participation and energy of the member institutions to develop the benefits of the network. It is a dynamic network and will develop and change as the parameters for design education change. To join the IEN, visit the IEN section or contact

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