11 July 2005
Singapore (Singapore) - The Rise of Asia Good design provides an influential platform for dialogue, between the speaker and the audience, between brands and consumers.
Singapore (Singapore) - The Rise of Asia Good design provides an influential platform for dialogue, between the speaker and the audience, between brands and consumers. The 19 th and 20th century had been dominated by western influences and this extends into design as well. But in our time, we are witnessing the third global shift of power to Asia, reclaiming the position of equals in a new multi-polar world. There is therefore a critical need for Asian design communities to nurture a new generation of designers capable of crafting influential designs that communicates with the heart of the East in a world which was defined by western thinking.

3 Core Principles for a Very Different Design Award
With this in mind the Designers Association Singapore, the organiser for Young Designers Award for the past 16 years decided to bring this year's award to the regional level for the very first time. The now renamed Young Asian Designers Award has three principal aims:
1. Influence design thought by raising standards among emerging talents.
2. Be the design avenue of Asia s best talents
3. Promote adoption of Asian design principles among youth.

DAS's Mandate to Promote Good Design Practices
As the only cross-disciplinary design association in Singapore, DAS believes that it is paramount to nurture a very different generation of designers who will be able to meet new challenges in changing landscapes. As an association that comprises of both Western and Asian talents, we understand the importance of nurturing a balanced approach to design. This year the DAS also celebrates its 20th Anniversary, and the Award is DAS's commitment to nurturing a more capable generation of designers.

Promoting Singapore as a Design Hub
This initiative has received the endorsement from DesignSingapore Council, the lead agency for the promotion and development of Singapore design. A unit of the Ministry of Information Communication and the Arts (MICA), DesignSingapore Council's vision is inspiring design to impact quality of life and national competitiveness . It supports DAS s efforts to establish YADA as a key activity to consolidate Singapore s position as a vibrant node in Asia for design creativity. This year, YADA will be held in conjunction with DAS 20th Anniversary and the first Singapore International Design Festival in November 2005.

More Stringent Judging Process
The judging process for this award is also very different from the previous YDA awards. It is now more stringent and comprises of an additional International Panel of Judges gathered from both the East and West to select the Young Asian Designer of the Year. Although there are individual awards for each category, the winner of the Young Asian Designer of the Year will require a unanimous vote from the international judges. The winner must prove sufficiently that the work presented has been exceptional and reflects the standards needed to meet today's challenges for the contemporary designer. The prize for the Young Asian Designer of the Year is S$15,000 in cash and in kind.

For further information please contact:

Florence OH,
Executive Director
Designers Association Singapore
190 Middle Road
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