04 July 2005
Montreal (Canada) - Icograda is pleased to welcome the AIGA, Designers Association of Singapore, Israel Community of Designers and the South African Graphik Design Council as its newest provisional full members.
Montreal (Canada) - Icograda is pleased to welcome the AIGA (United Stated), Designers Association of Singapore (Singapore), Israel Community of Designers (Israel) and the South African Graphik Design Council (South Africa) as its newest provisional full members.

At the upcoming XXI Icograda General Assembly in Copenhagen, Denmark from 29-30 September, voting Icograda members will be asked to ratify these new members, in addition to seven other organizations that have been admitted as provisional members since the 2003 XX General Assembly in Nagoya, Japan.

Think chairperson and director, Gary Harwood said, "We are very proud as South Africans to be a part of this prestigious organisation of which the President Elect [also to be ratified at the upcoming General Assembly], Jacque Lange, is one of our own."

AIGA Executive Director, Richard Grefe added, "AIGA is eager to join its colleagues in Icograda, working together to deepen personal friendships and professional connections within the global community of designers. AIGA is convinced that the importance of designer has never been greater and that together, designers from all cultures can learn from each other and help each other in creating both a better world and a more interesting one. And, together, we can all help to build a stronger future for the creativity, inspiration and talent of the design profession."

While the original establishment of the Israel Community of Designers can be traced back to 1971 as the Israel Industrial Designers Association, recently the name was changed to Israel Community of Designers with the inclusion of a significant number of graphic designers. This multidisciplinary union of industrial designers and graphic designers echoes the new partnership between Icogada and Icsid to form the International Design Alliance (IDA).

The Designers Association of Singapore (DAS) has rejoined Icograda at the same time that it is relaunching its annual design competition for design students throughout the Asia Pacific. DAS hopes that the newly renamed Young Asia Designers Award will become the design avenue of Asia s emerging talents.

The admission of these four members reflects the diversity of Icograda s members that now includes 92 affiliate, professional and associate members in 48 countries. Icograda's Education Network includes 65 schools in 27 countries. Icograda's Design Media Network lists 231 media in 46 countries. Individual and corporate patrons are recognized as Friends of Icograda.

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