06 January 2005
Brussels (Belgium) - Online applications are now open for participation in 'Creative Waves 03>04>05'.
Brussels (Belgium) - Online applications are now open for participation in 'Creative Waves 03>04>05'. A collaboration between Icograda and The Omnium Project (Australia), Creative Waves is a series of free international online student projects in graphic design, photomedia and visual communication. Using Omnium's unique online 'studio' interface, participants will interact in small creative teams to challenge and respond to an unfolding design brief. The first Creative Waves project will take place over 6 weeks in March and April 2005. Register by 11 February at

Creative Waves 03>04>05 will link 50-80 art and design students, and their teachers, from schools around the world belonging to the Icograda Education Network (IEN). Offered free to students around the world, participation in this innovative project is also open to teachers, academics and creative professionals. They may wish to write a reading, provide helpful feedback to student work or mentor small teams.

Creative Waves is significant in that it represents the world's first major international online design project, and the first project of such nature to be endorsed by Icograda and its Education Network. By exchanging ideas and creative works in areas of graphics, photomedia and visual communication, participants can expect to form strong creative and social bonds with partners in distant parts of the world. They will also receive regular feedback and support from established, and often internationally recognised creative professionals, using the Internet as their sole communication tool.

Apply online and sail on the 'Creative Waves'!

The deadline for applications is 11 February 2005. The project will commence in mid-March 2005.

For further information please contact: