03 November 2004
Brussels (Belgium) - Icograda has announced an updated list of benefits for educational institutions of the Icograda Education Network (IEN).
Brussels (Belgium) - Icograda has announced an updated list of benefits for educational institutions of the Icograda Education Network (IEN). IEN Membership is open to all educational institutions offering graphic design and visual communication study programmes of minimum 2 years' duration. In addition to providing networking opportunities, the IEN offers online communication tools to promote the research, curricula, events and initiatives of Member Schools. Universities, colleges and institutes around the world are invited to join this growing network and advance the state of graphic design education worldwide. To join the IEN, visit www.education.icograda.org or contact

An International Network
The objectives of the IEN include:
- creating opportunities for exchange and collaboration at all levels of graphic design education (institutions, faculty and students)
- examining current and future needs and challenges of design education
- advancement of teaching methods and research opportunities
- organising collaborative projects and events
- sharing experiences for mutual benefit.

Saki Mafundikwa, Founder and Director of Zimbabwe Institute of Vigital Arts: "For me IEN provides a much needed feeling of 'belonging', it buoys our confidence and gives us the will to persevere when we hear what others are doing around the world. IEN provides us with a window on the world of design education, and it is re-assuring to realise that we are a part of an ever evolving and ever growing field."

The IEN encourages collaboration on initiatives such as Connect Project 2003, a travelling exhibition of works by students of Wanganui School of Design (New Zealand), Monash University (Australia) and Escuela de Comunicacion (El Salvador). "The IEN network has opened a range of opportunities for our staff and students." says Professor Hazel Gamec, Wanganui School of Design. "The information from other institutions opens up many international opportunities our institution."

Rosa Aray, Graphic Design Coordinator at Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru: "We have established several new contacts through the IEN, especially with schools in South America, and we are collaborating and getting ideas about our programmes."

IEN Benefits
The IEN has been building steadily since its inception in June 2002 and it is entering an exciting phase in its short history. IEN Member Schools now receive the following benefits.

1. Status as Subscriber Member of Icograda, which includes access to all Icograda activities and activities organised by IEN Member Schools, such as:
- seminars, conferences, symposia
- student workshops and student exchange programmes
- educational modules, competitions and exhibitions
- research programmes

2. One free Icograda Endorsement per year for a design event organised by the IEN Member (a USD $1,000 value).

3. Automatic subscription to the following Icograda publications:
- eNews: weekly e-newsletter distributed to graphic designers worldwide
- EduNews: monthly e-newsletter dedicated to graphic design education

4. Ability to promote research abstracts, publications, events, job openings, and educational programmes at the Member School in EduNews.

5. Space on the IEN website to present the Member School and its curriculum.

6. 'Members only' access to the IEN website, which allows IEN participants to:
- edit text and images on your institution's IEN web page
- access Web Links of interest to design educators
- access the online Library

7. Discounts to selected design magazines, as posted in the IEN website Library.

8. Ability to publish news releases of interest to design educators on the 'News' page of the IEN website at www.education.icograda.org

9. Ability to publish articles of interest to design practitioners on the 'Feature' page of the Icograda website at www.icograda.org

10. Access to the IEN listserv, which connects IEN participants via e-mail.

11. Ability to access job offers through the IEN online Library and IEN e-mail lists.

The IEN relies on the participation and energy of the member institutions to develop the benefits of the network. It is a dynamic network and will develop and change as the parameters for design education change.

For further information please contact:
Icograda Education Network
W: www.education.icograda.org