27 October 2004
Copenhagen (Denmark) - Designers around the world are invited to submit abstracts for the communication design symposium of Era 05 - the joint congress of Icograda, ICSID and IFI.
Copenhagen (Denmark) - Designers around the world are invited to submit abstracts for the communication design symposium of Era 05 - the joint congress of Icograda, ICSID and IFI. Following the theme, 'The Changing Role and Challenges of Design,' the congress will explore how communication, industrial and interior design can meet future societal challenges. The Era05 committee requests papers that present new approaches to or new applications of communication design, which demonstrate social responsibility and innovative problem-solving. Organised by 16 design-related organisations in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, the Era05 events will be held 22-28 September 2005 in the four Nordic countries. The deadline for abstract submissions is 1 March 2005.

The overall objective of Era05 is to explore design as a diverse and holistic approach to problem solving, as a methodology and as a core ingredient in innovative processes. The conference will raise awareness about issues of social responsibility and the designer's potential to contribute solutions to problems of global concern. The event will be an international forum for information exchange and collaboration among designers from the fields of visual communication, industrial design and architecture.

Communication design
The term we used to know as 'graphic design' in the last few decades has drifted towards the wider term, 'visual communication'. No-one knows where it will go from here. As communication designers begin to move away from purely visual techniques - and integrate fields such as audio design and information flow - the term 'communication design' seems to be a more accurate term to describe the field.

Design is still - however untrue - regarded by many as simply a means to enhance the aesthetic and sometimes functional virtues of an object or of a graphic interpretation. But design is much more. Design as a process - more than as an end result - could potentially enhance the lives of people all over the world by being applied to universal issues that impact both individuals and societies. Era05 will address a number of contexts in which design is not currently regarded as a key approach.

Era05 Symposia
The Era05 Joint Congress (26-28 September 2005) will offer a wide range of symposia.

The programme committee of Era05 has chosen three globally recognised challenges to which the potential of design can be tested. Each one of the three themes will be given their own symposium:
- demographic changes
- migration/urbanisation
- cultural diversity.

For those who want to explore the potential of their own profession, applied to a wider range of challenges, there will be three parallel symposia dedicated to:
- The changing role and challenges of communication design
- The changing role and challenges of industrial design
- The changing role and challenges of interior architecture

Paper Submissions
Era05 now invites papers related to each one of the three professional symposia. Papers should address an issue which focuses on new approaches to or applications of communication design, ranging from global to specific, from corporate to public and from commercial to pro bono or purely experimental.

The most important criteria are:
- that we haven't seen or heard about it before in ICSID/Icograda/IFI contexts
- that it represents food for thought - either visually or verbally, and
- that you are desperately eager to share your findings or views with your colleagues.

Areas of special interest:
- Communicating values
- Learning
- Universal design, communicating to audiences with special needs
- Low-tech substitutions for traditionally high-tech demands
- Communication design as a way of thinking - finding new applications

Presentation length:
20-25 minutes

Abstract Deadline:
1 March 2005

Submission Procedure:
Please submit abstracts at

There will be no remuneration for the presenters. However, we will cordially invite speakers to attend the closing party as VIP guests for free.

For further information please contact: