06 October 2004
Melbourne (Australia) - Icograda has endorsed the third Australian XMediaLab.
Melbourne (Australia) - Icograda has endorsed the third Australian XMediaLab.* The conference and three-day workshop comprising the event will bring international experts, pioneers and professionals in new media design to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image on 22-25 October 2004. Eight Australian project teams will participate in the XMediaLab workshop and collaborate with Mentors to develop their new media projects at the creative, conceptual, and technological levels. The event focuses on increasing the chances of getting financial support, getting the project to market and achieving commercial success. XMediaLab is organised by 'lab.3000,' a special research unit at RMIT University in Melbourne dedicated to research and development of virtual reality projects and new media programmes.

The Lab is a unique three-day workshop for companies and project teams with great ideas for developing commercial media properties across any new media platform: broadband and internet applications, interactive television, computer games, or mobile phone content and applications; and in any sector, including entertainment, education, information and communications, culture and the arts or government.

Project teams will get advice on creative issues, business strategy, and technological know-how, as well as becoming part of an outstanding professional network of some of the world's most successful, knowledgeable and experienced new media producers.

The XMediaLab Mentors already announced are:

- Marcia Zellers, the head of the American Film Institute's Enhanced TV Workshop, which most recently included "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", "The L Word", MTV, and projects from Nickolodeon and The Science Channel

- Gary Hayes, who led the BBC's development of the internet, interactive TV and emerging platforms for the last 8 years

- Richard Adams, the Creative Director of Yoomedia, one of the UK 's leading interactive TV and mobile entertainment companies, currently producing content for Sky TV, BBC, and Turner, as well as their own branded channels

- Damien Marchi, Interactive Producer of "Call TV", France's first DSL-only TV channel to be made available to a wide audience

- Mark Ollila, one of the world's leading experts in innovation and commercialisation processes in media and entertainment for mobile technologies

For further information please contact:
XMediaLab - Selected Projects Only: 23-25 October, 2004
Venue: ACMI, Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia
T: 02 9380 5811
W: http://www.xmedialab.com.au

XMediaLab: Professional Day Conference: 22 October, 2004
Venue: ACMI, Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia
T: 03 9925 4043
W: http://www.lab.3000.com.au/xmedialab

XMediaLab is presented by lab.3000 at RMIT University, with major partners Film Victoria, Multimedia Victoria, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image and IBM. XMediaLab is a flagship event of the Melbourne On Screen Festival.

RMIT University is a member of the Icograda Education Network http://www.education.icograda.net

*Icograda endorsement is a guarantee that the design event complies with approved international guidelines.