21 September 2004
Brussels (Belgium) - Following the decision to move the Icograda Secretariat to Montreal, Canada, the Icograda Board will appoint a new Director for 1 January 2005.
Brussels (Belgium) - Following the decision to move the Icograda Secretariat to Montreal, Canada, the Icograda Board will appoint a new Director for 1 January 2005. Thierry Van Kerm will continue as Icograda Director until 31 December 2004 and will assist the new Director during the hand-over in early 2005. English-speaking candidates with experience in business management, business administration and international relations are invited to e-mail resumes to no later than 11 October 2004.

- The candidate must be willing to live and work in Montreal, Canada and travel internationally on Icograda business.
- Mother tongue English or fluent in English.
- Experience in business management and administration:
budget planning
financial forecasting
people skills
knowledge of Information Technology
- International experience

Additional 'Plus' points
- Fluency and knowledge of additional language(s)
- Knowledge and experience in the design sector (professional and educational)
- Knowledge and experience in NGOs and associations
- Knowledge and experience in event management

Description of Work
The Director of Icograda will serve in a wide range of capacities, and will perform a variety of services related to the conducting of Icograda's affairs. Duties and responsibilities of the Director follow established precedents, and include the fulfilment of directives as determined by the Executive Board of Icograda. The role of Director includes, but is not limited to the following:
- Services re: the financial management of Icograda
- Services re: the management of the Icograda Secretariat
- Services re: the administration of Icograda's membership
- Services re: communication and publishing of information for Icograda
- Management of other contractors and/or employees of Icograda
- Organisation of Icograda events and programmes
- Maintenance of records and information for Icograda
- Development of business plans and strategy
- Development of fund raising and sponsorship initiatives

Selection Procedure
11 October 2004: Deadline for reception of candidatures
12-17 October 2004: Review and selection of candidates for telephone interviews
18-22 October 2004: Telephone interviews and selection of candidates for face-to-face interviews
17 November 2004: Interview of the selected candidate(s) in Montreal, Canada. Air ticket (economy class) and accommodation will be paid for by Icograda.

For further information please contact:

Icograda Secretariat
PO Box 5, Forest 2
B-1190 Brussels, Belgium
T: + 32 2 344 58 43
F: + 32 2 344 71 38
W: www.icograda.org

About Icograda
Icograda is the world body for professional graphic design and visual communication. It is the representative international non-governmental organisation for graphic design, unifying the voice of designers worldwide and promoting their dynamic role in society and commerce. Founded in London in 1963, Icograda has 80 Members (associations) and numerous Friends in 56 countries worldwide, and holds consultative status with UNESCO, UNIDO, ISO, and WIPO. For more information, visit www.icograda.org