11 May 2004
Brussels (Belgium) - What better place to hold an international design event than the culturally rich and ethnically diverse city of Sao Paulo, Brazil?
Brussels (Belgium) - What better place to hold an international design event than the culturally rich and ethnically diverse city of Sao Paulo, Brazil? The city hosted the recent Icograda Design Week events, welcoming designers from Latin America and around the world to celebrate cultural diversity, share common professional goals and challenge the limits of design.

During the week of 23-30 April 2004, Icograda and co-organiser ADG-Brazil held the Icograda Student Workshop, Regional Meeting, Regional Design Seminar and 'Fronteiras' Conference. The events were attended by professionals from a wide range of disciplines, including graphic designers, architects, typographers, photographers, design educators and design promoters. Students and professionals explored how graphic design can be used to communicate cultural identity, sustainability and social responsibility.

The Design Week events began with a four-day Icograda Student Workshop under the theme 'The Language of the City'. Brazilian students and international workshop leaders expressed Sao Paulo's unique identity through a creative process involving city travel, group collaboration and concept development. Fernanda Cristina Marques, an architecture student from Sao Paulo State University: "It was great to interact with design professionals and get a taste of the 'real world' of design. The workshop bridged the gap between design education and design practice and I feel I gained creative, collaborative and decision-making skills."

The Icograda Regional Meeting united educators and professionals from all over Latin America to discuss trends and challenges of the design profession in their respective countries. Claudia Ferrari (Peru): "There is a common visual language that we are all trying to speak. It is very comforting to see that the problems we are facing in Peru are common in Latin America and all over the world." The Icograda Regional Design Seminar verified this commonality through graphic presentations by designers from Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.

The week ended with the two-day 'Fronteiras' Conference, which featured speakers from 6 continents. At times emotionally charged and refreshingly whimsical, the presentations and interim discussions challenged the audience to push the frontiers of design and make a difference in society and the environment. Fumi Masuda (Japan): "Cross the border and join the real project. Graphic design must be responsible for content before expression."

The dedicated volunteers, avid promoters and gracious Brazilian hosts made the Icograda Design Week in Sao Paulo a memorable and rewarding experience for all participants. The event was not only informative and educational, but also an opportunity to foster cultural understanding and build lasting friendships.

For more information about Icograda Design Week in Sao Paulo, visit:

W: http://www.saopaulo.icograda.org