15 March 2004
Brussels (Belgium) - Signs are active expressions of identity that go beyond just giving directions and solving basic circulation and communication problems.
Brussels (Belgium) - Signs are active expressions of identity that go beyond just giving directions and solving basic circulation and communication problems. They are instruments that help build a 'house style,' a 'tone of voice,' a 'dialogue' with the audience. They are part of the user's daily life. Signs not only are there; they must act as if they had always been there.

Sensible and intuitive signage systems are created by professional designers who understand the complexities of public spaces, the particular environment of the project in question, and the expected performance and functions of the signs. Designers of signage systems are, in effect, deciphering the audience's codes. This presentation will discuss the design process behind three of Diseno Shakespear's projects in urban public spaces.

Ronald Shakespear is the Director of Diseno Shakespear, a design firm in Buenos Aires that he runs with his children Lorenzo, Juan and Barbara. He has worked on several large projects in urban signage, including Signage Systems for the city of Buenos Aires, the City Hospital, the Buenos Aires Subway and Temaiken Zoo.

Ronald has been a Guest Speaker at several international conferences and seminars, and worked as a Professor in Canadian and Argentinean universities. His work has been exhibited in Europe and South America and featured in many design publications around the world. He has also published several books, including his latest one, 'Senal de Diseno' (2003).

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About 'Fronteiras' Icograda International Design Conference
29-30 April 2004
Memorial da America Latina, Auditorio Simon Bolivar, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Graphic designers and visual communicators often work at the frontiers of socio-economical, industrial, environmental and business development. As the design profession matures, so does its influence and impact on society.
- How can the visual communication industry contribute to the social and economic development of a rapidly changing world?
- How can visual communicators assist trade and industry in developing sound and sustainable corporate strategies?
- How can visual communication contribute towards a sustainable future for all life on earth?

This Icograda conference will explore the ways in which graphic designers from around the world address and adapt to societal challenges, economic change and industrial development.

About Icograda Design Week in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Icograda and ADG-Brazil invite you to celebrate Latin American and International design in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 23-30 April 2004. Experience the 7th ADG Biennial Exhibition, 'Fronteiras' Icograda International Design Conference, 'Design in Latin America' Icograda Regional Design Seminar, as well as Symposia, Workshops and Displays.

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